WRITING OR SOCK KNITTING yes my dear ladies and occasional gentleman I’m on the horns of a dilemma, whether to WRITE or whether to KNIT SOCKS!

My dear little ghostly writer is pushing me for my next adventure but these ADORABLE SOCKS are SIREN SINGING……………KNIT ME! KNIT ME! KNIT ME!

Oh well, head down for an hour and then let me at those SOCK NEEDLES and GORGEOUS SEASCAPE YARN.

Yours Busily




imageMy dear ladies and occasional gentleman it is our ANNUAL AUTUMN SHOW on Saturday and here I am imagemaking  a POM-POM for a hat to be entered into class 74.

I have made the POM-POM the old fashioned way with two pieces of cardboard cut into a ring donut shape. Wind the yarn round and round until it is covered and plump, then cut around between the two pieces, tie a piece of wool tightly between cardboard rings until secure, then slide off the cardboard and VOILA  a POM-POM.

This is the finished hat.

Ronald is not amused at the millions of orange fibers scattered over the sitting room as if I had fired the POM-POM out of a SHOTGUN!

Yours Fiberly



Recovering with a stiff G & T after Roland and That Woman had left, I comtemplated the dilemma of the summer dress or top with a Linguine strap. Personally the minimum width strap I would consider is the Lasagne (talking of pasta I can recommend the Manicotti [man-a-cottee] (“Small Muffs”) one of Ronalds favourites. Stuffed with a mixture of meat, cheese and vegetables, topped with your favourite sauce and baked in the oven, or stuff and freeze for a lunch with your lady friends.

I digress back to the exposed tops of arms and shoulders. Why is it that even though in the UK the majority of ladies are size 16 and above and over 50; manufacturers still insist on making dresses with Angel hair straps and too short?

Now I am sure you will agree I am abreast of the latest trends and fashions but I retrocede to our Icons; Audrey, Vanessa and Dianna. They discovered the style that suited them and stuck to it with the odd nod to current trends. This is what we should all apprehend for ourselves.

One of the classic but wearable solutions is a wrap or shawl. I prefer to call it a wrap which sounds like a present exciting to unwrap; rather than a shawl which sounds as if it came out of a Catherine Cookson novel. Now ladies I know some of you have yet to pick up kneedles and wool but I urge you to give it a try. It is the most relaxing, satisfying occupation and it is like the Martini advertisement something you can do anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

One of the simplest items to knit as a beginner is a wrap or shawl, which can be knitted in any type of wool. Choose something soft and a colour that will go with your summer wardobe, don’t worry about thickness just pick something that takes your fancy. On the label you will find the size of needle to knit with but again do not worry to much if you have a slightly different size. A larger needle will create a lacy effect, a smaller needle a tighter weave.

Start by casting on two stiches, knit a row. Then knit every row but increase a stitch at the beginning and end of every row. When it is big enough, cast off. You will end up with a large triangular wrap.

Here is Ronald  modelling one I made using different types of yarnImage

So come along ladies pick up those needles, knit a wrap and cover those shoulders and bingo wings.

Yours Clickety Clacking


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