My dear ladies and occasional gentleman my dear friend Gloria, myself and another dear friend decided to take our HUSBANDS out for a little AIRING. It does them good to get them out to socialise a little.

So off we went to the unique DUKE OF YORK in IDDESLEIGH, NORTH DEVON. Some of you I am sure are aware that this is where the author MICHAEL MORPURGO met the VETERANS who told him the story of how all the HORSES were taken for the FIRST WORLD WAR. He wrote about this in his wonderful book WAR HORSE.

My great-uncle rode one of these brave horses so the story is a very poignant one for me.

This is NOT my GREAT UNCLE, it’s Ronald. Enjoying a pint of SUB MARINER REAL ALE. I must admit, I wouldn’t mind a taste of a REAL SUBMARINER.

 We shall be returning soon with HIRSUTE ROLEY as DOGS are welcome and he has a particular interest as THE REVEREND JACK RUSSELL used to be the CURATE at the local church. He was the famous TERRIER MAN father of the much loved JACK RUSSELL TERRIER and Hirsute Roley is a JACK RUSSELL X PART YORKSHIRE TERRIER.

When I say the Reverend was the FATHER of the JACK RUSSELL, I didn’t mean literally. I would’nt dare cast nasturtiums. 

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman if you are visiting our beautiful part of Devon, do visit this pretty village and perhaps partake of a GIN & TONIC, a pint of REAL ALE or perhaps a MEAL.

Yours Marching Up to The Top of the Hillily





My dear ladies and occasional gentleman the other evening I went for a walk with my dear friend Gloria. “We need to be back in time to go to the playing field for the BALLOON to go up”  enthused Gloria. Well to say I was taken aback would be an understatement!  I know that there is an inordinate amount of TURMOIL in the WORLD  and it is the anniversary  of THE GREAT WAR, WW1 but really what could be occurring of such magnitude on the VILLAGE PLAYING FIELD? As we made our way to the field there was a WHOOSH of HOT AIR, and NO  my dear ladies and occasional gentleman,  it was not ME! imageThis was the CULPRIT.


Not something you expect to see on a TUESDAY evening. It was very exciting and there was quite a TECHNIQUE to getting it UP IN THE AIR. imageWe sat on a bench enjoying the GLORIOUS evening sunshine, when Gloria said “wouldn’t it be pleasant to have a glass of wine while we sit here and watch”? Now I am not generally known for my speed but before you could say “UP UP & AWAY” I had nipped home and brought back two GLASSES and a bottle of SAUVIGNON BLANC. We had barely taken a sip, when my dear friend Titania (I hesitate to say any whiff of alcohol and she’s there) joined us on our bench. Nobody can say that Celia LADYGARDEN  is selfish, I immediately topped up our glasses and handed Titania the BOTTLE, from which she proceeded to drink from in a ladylike manner.

Unfortunately whilst researching information regarding BALLOON TECHNIQUES I discovered rather shockingly that it had another meaning! So if any gentlemen seeking information regarding their ‘LITTLE SOLDIER’ found my little ‘BLISS’ by mistake, I apologise.

Yours Blushingly


My dear ladies and occasional gentlemen I apologise for my absence. I have been engaged in putting the wonderful collection of photographs that I have inherited from my mother into albums.

You notice I didn’t say sorted because I didn’t quite manage that. I have tried to group them a little but there were so many I thought it was best just to make sure they were protected but could be looked at. I veered between TEARS and LAUGHTER all day looking at them.

The photographs range from the 1900’s and tell a wonderful story of the FAMILY HISTORY. I have written on the back the names and places that I know at the request of my daughter. Quite rightly she says that when I POP MY CLOGS the knowledge of these people goes too.
I was pleased to find these photographs of my GREAT UNCLE JACK who died fighting in EGYPT and his brother WILLIAM who is on the horse and was lucky to return from WW1 unlike his brother. I will look into their stories during this anniversary year of WW1.
On a lighter note I enjoyed a LOVELY LUNCH with some LOVELY LADIES and my dear friend Veronica. Sadly poor Veronica wasn’t feeling very well, she’s TEETHING. Absurdly at her age she has a WISDOM tooth coming through and it doesn’t suit her!

Yours Historically



This morning there were THREE COMEDY MOMENTS.


The first, when I read a piece in the Sunday Times on MICHAEL GOVE who says that television shows such as ‘BLACKADDER’ have misrepresented the FIRST WORLD WAR; if I remember rightly General Haig and the politicians of the day did a good job of that, not that I was around at the time. 

In my opinion Mr Gove,  underestimatesTHE INTELLIGENCE OF OUR CHILDREN AND THE HIGH QUALITY OF OUR TEACHERS,  who DO NOT  say to their students this programme is FACTUAL. These programmes underpin the reference books and the WAR POETRY they study.

Does Mr Gove also think that some of our greatest war poets such as SIEGFRIED SASOON “How To Die” or WILFRED OWEN “Dulce et Decorum Est” also misrepresent WW1. Indeed Sasoon made a ‘DECLARATION AGAINST WAR’ partly because of POLITICAL ERRORS.

In my experience programmes such as this and the more current ‘HORRIBLE HISTORIES ‘ are invaluable in engaging young people in our HISTORY AND CULTURE. If you haven’t watched the BLACKADDER WW1 series, I recommend that you do and I doubt any of my dear ladies and occasional gentleman will not be moved by the very last episode. I have also had the privilege of taking part in the wonderful ‘OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR’ where not only the audiences but the actors were moved to tears.

The SECOND COMEDY MOMENT came when GEORGE OSBOURNE announced spending cuts of 25 billion but promised a better future for the children and people of Britain.

The THIRD COMEDY MOMENT came when Ronald climbed the step-ladder with the 6ft Christmas tree with lights packed in an enormous box clutched in his arms; when he was half-way up he started to sway backwards with the weight of the tree and nearly ended up in A & E with bits of seasonal fir tree in various orifices. Thankfully I arrived in time to counter-balance and send him soaring into the loft!

Yours Politicaly


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