WONDROUS WIMBLEDON, ladies what a wonderful treat all those tanned muscular legs. Those fit, strong, athletic, bodies. It certainly caused a Love-40 stir in my LADYGARDEN as I am sure it did in yours.

I went to the hospital to fetch Mother who had been discharged and managed to get her settled in her chair in time to catch up with the match. She nodded off but managed to wake up at intervals with bazaar comments exactly when an important point was scored. Now that’s a skill.

More on the GIANT WOOL AND NEEDLES tomorrow.

Well done ANDY MURRAY.

Yours Duecedly



Yesterday our group of lovely ladies and occasional gentleman met for our once a month afternoon session. What fun! Royston our lovely gentleman loves all the attention and always brings a little treat along. He always chats away and goes away tired but happy.

Gwendoline had decided to try something different and brought her machine along (she is a little devil). We managed the preparation and off she went, unfortunately there was a bit of a hiccough and she became stuck It was quite an effort to extricate her and we all had the giggles, of course the other ladies who were watching couldn’t stop laughing either. I had asked them if they wanted to have a go but they were all doing there own thing and quite happy. By the time I had controlled myself Gwendoline was on her knees giving it a go. She’s full of energy; when she leaves here she is off to play with her lob-wedge.

Lydia was learning a new technique from Teresa and then she left early for a date with ANDY MURRAY at WIMBLEDON.

Annabelle returned my tin from the garden party, she is busy getting ready to flaunt her wares on Friday and Saturday. Teresa, Lydia, Gwendoline and myself are going on a little awayday jolly to support her.

Everybody left with a smile on their face and a promise to do it all again next month.

Yours Grouplovedly


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