My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, we are well into our pantomime rehearsals and it is going well and definitely coming together.  The cast have cast aside their scripts and are beginning to act onstage as well as off. 

Here is a picture of the last maid’s apron I have just finished and a smoking cap made out of a waistcoat. The cap is awaiting a large tassel, not easy to find are they ladies? I need to get my dear friend Veronica the famous forager to seek one out, she has a thing about tassels.

So my dear ladies and occasional gentleman I shout, A TASSEL, A TASSEL, MY KINGDOM FOR A TASSEL.

Yours Tassely



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I have heard it is quite common to have FLASHBACKS after a TRAUMA. And although it has been quite some time since I was in the wonderful city of MARRAKECH in MOROCCO along with the joyful memories are a few traumatic ones. (I am sure you will all remember the rock that attacked my toe in the ATLAS MOUNTAINS which has now dropped off) My dear friend Veronica and I shared a beautiful en-suite bedroom in the RIAD ANYSSATES and one morning as usual I was up first, showered and dressed before Veronica even stirred. image If it wasn’t TRAUMATICALLY FUNNY¬†enough to witness the WILD-HEADED Veronica emerge from the CONVOLUTED, TORTUOUS heap in the bed every morning, imagine my HYSTERICS when putting my make-up on using the large wall mirror a VISION of Veronica appeared in her BRA and with a large BLUE TASSEL SWINGING JAUNTILY from her KNICKER-LEG!

Yours Tassely


p.s. I apologise on Veronicas behalf Nicholas as on her return to the UK and unpacking her suitcase a TASSEL emerged that may well belong to your amazing Riad. I am very concerned Veronica may have acquired a FETISH and TASSELS are not a good look on a middle-aged woman out FORAGING.

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