I hope you like the pictures of the finished SUMMERHOUSE. I think you will agree it is the perfect place for a lady to enjoy the good things in life and isn’t it always better in the open air?

I have decided with the help of dear WAITROSE, through the summer in my new garden residence I will be working my way through their GIN SHOWCASE. It starts with JUNIPER-LED GINS and I quote “Ideal for cocktails where the gin needs to shine through”. I will keep you updated.

Yours Happily



Interior painted
Ronald Finishes Me Off With Country Cream

What a hero Ronald is, he has erected my summerhouse whilst I painted most of the outside in ‘Pale Sage’,  Ronald finished it off and has painted my inside with country cream . Although we are in dispute.  I want some of my externals  picked out in country cream and Ronald so far is passively resisting. I have some ideas for my inside which includes some hand-painting, photos to follow.

Disaster,  the wool shop had run out of the wool I needed to complete Little Nanook’s blanket.  They may order some more but cannot promise. This may see me unpicking the border I have already sewn on and buying new wool, sigh.

2013.06.20 gemini & light blue teddies

Here are two new knitted bears, I still have to embroider noses and will now start on their clothes. Their personalities evolve as I am knitting them and every one is completely unique just like me

Yours Creamily


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