Oh dear poor Veronica, SHE HAS BEEN SPAMMED !

I must admit, my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I was rather SURPRISED to receive an e-mail about ‘GREEN COFFEE BEANS’ being a wonder WEIGHT LOSS AID.

What I thought was Veronica implying? That I needed to lose weight? And who is DR OZ who had promoted these WONDER BEANS on his TELEVISION show?

It was a puzzle but not one I could deal with as I have been busy making a ROMANTIC ‘MR DARCY’ type shirt all day for ‘Mellors’ in the PANTOMIME. You will be pleased to know I finished it in time for this evenings rehearsal, where I was going to fit it on ‘Mellors’ but on arrival his wife proudly showed me a shirt SHE had made last night! She was so pleased with herself and thought she had been helping. So you will also be pleased to know I didn’t WHACK her around the ears with my shirt as I am a lady. I kept mine hidden in my bag, GRRRH, GNASHING OF TEETH!

Checking FACEBOOK on my arrival home, I see a message from Veronica explaining that her account had been HIJACKED and SPAMMED. What a relief, she can’t think I need to lose weight after all. I’m off to make a cup of tea and open a bag of MALTESERS.

Yours Gnashingly





This is Veronica’s recipe for Spam Musabi. Unlike hers (see above picture) mine did not look at all appetizing and as I haven’t touched Spam since 1963, I wasn’t about to start now!. Veronica is into foraging and also likes to share her discoveries.Although after our recent Mothers Union Kindle Group meeting; I shall think twice before sharing other people’s culinary offerings. It’s not easy cleaning up after a miniature schnauzer they’re very hirsute.

Virginia that knitted sick bucket didn’t work, please test out your patterns yourself before you inflict them on the rest of us

More about the kindle meeting in my next post

Yours Queasily