My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, this morning I was working at my lap-top when Ronald approached muttering. I apologise in advance for the more tender flowers amongst you for what I am about to impart.

“I was just sitting on the TOILET when I noticed this, have a LOOK” says Ronald shoving both hands down the back of his trousers. 

“I don’t know if I want to” says I tearing myself away from my writing. He pulled his TROUSERS down at the back exposing his BOXERS. I’m not sure what I expected to see but I was relieved when he turned over the waistband and showed me the LABEL.

” Well it’s a bit worrying, what do they mean ‘KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE’ what a STRANGE thing to have on your  UNDERPANTS, have a look will you?”

Now you might want to chuckle at poor Ronald and his QUANDRY but his little face was CREASED with concern, so I took a look.

“Why would I  want to go near a FIRE in my UNDERPANTS? But what if I HAVE to go near a fire in my UNDERPANTS? Will I catch ALIGHT?”

I tried to reassure him and said it was unlikely he would have to go near a fire in his underpants.

“Your bloody right, if your wearing them you don’t want your UNDERPANTS  to catch FIRE do you?”

“No dear, I should forget about it and go out and do a bit in the garden”

Ronald exited muttering as he went “what a strange thing to have on your underpants”

Yours  Distractedly


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