20140501-072219-pm.jpgRONALD’S RUG.
My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, please do admire, RONALD’S RUG and I don’t mean a HAIRPIECE, he still has all his own HAIR.

My dear friend Lydia came to the rescue of Ronald’s cold TOOTSIES and my struggle to knit the blanket strips into a BEDSIDE RUG.

You may remember my BIG KNITTING and my first effort was a rug to go by my bed. It was a huge struggle to juggle the enormous needles and the thick material but I did manage to finish my rug but my heart fell at the thought of knitting a second one for Ronald.

To the RESCUE rode the LADY LYDIA and with needles flying, CLICKATY-CLACK and a RATTA-TAT-TAT on tHe front door, she appeared like a KNITTING ANGEL with a complete RUG FOR RONALD.

Ronald does seem to come in for a bit of attention from the LADIES, he does have his own DEVILISH WAYS of PLUMBING THEIR DEPTHS and inspiring them to new heights.

Yours Indebtdly


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