It wasn’t quite the same as our dear QUEENS but so similar it was difficult to spot the difference at Annabelle & Sebastian’s garden party. Unfortunately the sunny weather that we had been enjoying had deserted us, the wind was whistling at about 30 miles an hour and the rain was rattling through the gazebos. I was wearing my WELLINGTONS at Ronald’s insistence ( I thought he was over that phase) and my dogging coat. Gwendoline, Teresa and Juliet were huddled under a fleece-lined waterproof blanket. SUMMER IN ENGLAND.

We had only been there 5 minutes when Cora decided that she had had enough of sitting in a wobbly chair with wind and wanted to leave. Ronald ever the gentleman offered to give her a lift, “not with your back” was my first thought until I realised he meant in the car. They were just about to leave when Lydia jumped up startling Veronica who was attempting to eat some of my MEDITERRANEAN tart. Unfortunately Veronica also had a fistful of fudge and attempted to juggle flaky pastry, garlic, onions, mozzarella and fudge; the whole came together in a sloppy gloop. We all looked away as she dove in head first. Veronica thinks she might have a sugar addiction. Lydia wanted Ronald to take her home too.

As he walked away Ronald was explaining that he only had my Fiat and someone would have to go in the back, we just heard Lydia’s “It’s ok Ronald I’m very LITHE” as they disappeared up the path.

Ronald returned dazed and wobbly some time later. I’m hoping it was the WINE he had Imbibed.

Yours shiveringly


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