A TIT IN THE HOUSE I have my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, and it’s not Ronald
Although you might be fooled into thinking so image

As here he is cleaning the SHOWER.

The TIT I am referring to is a BLUE one and I am thrilled that it has decided to NEST in my little RUSSIAN BIRD HOUSE.


Yours Chirpily



I would be thrilled if my dear ladies and occasional gentleman would care to read my book, written in collaboration with my dear friend. Available as an ebook (how exciting) and a paperback.

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Who would have thought that MURDER would have visited sleepy little St Urith Without Well and who would have thought that I would get involved and poor little Hirsute Roley.

Enjoy reading about the colourful characters who reside in our parish, set in the beautiful North Devon countryside


CREATIVE JUICES have been flowing in the LADYGARDEN, Ronald has had to take cover!
My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I apologies for my absence but my CREATIVE JUICES have been flowing and I am sure you’ll agree that you have to enjoy it and go with the flow.

Since we last had a little converse I have written a PANTOMIME for our annual village production (oh no you didn’t, oh yes I did), I appreciate the concept of PANTOMIME is a little obtuse to my COLONIAL friends. It is truly a strange English form of THEATRE.

It isn’t as easy as it might sound writing a PANTOMIME, there are the absolute necessities that have to be included. I have to make sure there is a part for every EGO and each character has to have some dialogue and a song. Then there are the whole cast DANCES , PANTO HORSE, audience participation,choosing all the MUSIC……… It’s OK I’m stopping now, I can hear your yawns of boredom.

I have also written more of my novel!

If you were wondering how I did at our ANNUAL VILLAGE SHOW here are the results and thank you for all your well wishes.

Yours Creatively