Last night I had the PRIVILEGE of walking with two THOUSAND  wonderful women on the NIGHT WALK FOR NORTH DEVON HOSPICE, raising money for this invaluable service and provision of night nurses.

We were entertained along the way by the wonderful TORRINGTON CAVALIERS. The SWEETS and PROSECCO was very welcome, hic!

Walking the TARKA TRAIL the scenery was beautiful accompanied by birdsong and with the bonus of this beautiful sunset.

Although Ronald has been looking after me today, he is also laughing at me. A LOT!

He described my post-walk condition to our far-flung children as follows:  “You know when a chimpanzee walks on two legs swaying from side to side? That’s what mum looks like.”


Unfortunately my children’s sense of humour follows their father and they thought that was hilarious.

Yours Huffily



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman we were bouncing along in our mini bus when we skidded to a halt on the edge of a precipice for this photo op of a Berber village.


We had been advised to wear plenty of clothes as it would be cold in the mountains. We didn’t have a lot of clothes  so I wore my stylish GREY JERSEY JACKET and my dear friend Veronica borrowed a rather un-fetching FLEECE.  The only acceptable time to wear a FLEECE is if you are doing a sponsored NIGHT-WALK for CHARITY! Luckily it was 84f and Veronica didn’t have to embarrass herself!

Driving around hare pin bends climbing steeply, we thought it was a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE which funnily enough they filmed there but eventually we arrived at RIAD DAR TASSA just in time for……










Or as we know it MINT TEA.

Of course Veronica was snitchy because the young man served me first.

Yours Mintily


p.s. Where is all this FLEECE coming from, it’s everywhere, cushions, blankets, dog beds, jackets, scarfs, hats, gloves, dusters, slippers. Ronald has even got some trousers in FLEECE.

FLEECE that’s a misnomer as the stuff hasn’t been within a mile of a sheep!