My dear ladies and occasional gentleman I am sure you will understand my feelings if you too have a husband, wife, partner or child with this ABILITY.


If I am watching a PROGRAMME or FILM that Ronald is NOT interested in he either reads his book, which is great or he will wander about, which is not.

When you have watched intently for the past 45 minutes and just at the point where the MURDERER/LOVER/PLOT whatever is being revealed, this happens.

“It’s really windy out there.” Or, “Hirsute Roley enjoyed his walk today she did a POO.” Or ” Want a cup of tea love?” Or

“Should I put sweet potato in my ratatouille tomorrow?”

All said whilst stood in front of the television!

Yours Testily


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TWIST AND SHOUT? I did indeed my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

Having a shoulder IMPINGEMENT and BURSITIS I was unable one morning to raise my arm above waist height. Intending to shower but not wanting to wash my hair, I asked Ronald if he could pull my hair into a ponytail, twist and clip it with a banana clip.

As I asked the question misgivings BUBBLED up but having no choice we went for it.

His FINGERING  was unsurprisingly gentle, due to experience 

 but once he had my hair in the PONYTAIL he gripped on tight, I braced myself for the TWIST but …………OW!

Ronald with his free hand spun ME around before slapping the twisted hair onto my head and applying the clip.

Yours Tenderly