SPOT THE DIFFERENCE my dear ladies and occasional gentleman. Our delicious DAMSON GIN was quite happy and we had enjoyed a little NIP or two. However yesterday I ventured forth for a little light LUNCHEON with my dear friend VERONICA.
As you are aware Veronica is a great FORRAGER but not keen myself on MASTICATING ROADKILL BADGER and whatever greenery she had S.A.S MANOEUVRED her way to finding deep in the hedgerows, I had managed to persuade her to put on something more LADYLIKE and join me in the CAFE at our local THEATRE.

On my return to the Ladygarden residence I noticed something strange with the DAMSON GIN, can you spot it?


What EAGLE EYES you have, yes the one on the right has a STRANGE SEDIMENT!

After INTERROGATING Ronald he FESSED UP. He decided to top up the jars with more GIN and a little sugar. Ok so far.

UNFORTUNATELY he had picked up a bag of FLOUR.

It was in the jar before he realized what it was. He tried to scoop it out with a SPOON, unsuccessfully.

I am going to stick a label with my name on it on the other jar.

Yours Flourly


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