img_3016“My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, Ronald and I are enjoying a few days away in a COTTAGE in CORNWALL.

It is EL SCORCHIO! Aren’t we lucky to have such gorgeous weather?

We are taking full advantage of our heated SWIMMING POOL then lounging in the sun to dry off.

Had a bit of bother with Ronald he will insist on STRIPPING OFF his swim shorts when leaving the pool area and drying himself off whilst standing on the lawn.

What’s wrong with that you may well ask, the problem is there a quite a few SQUIRRELS.

One  BOLD little chap clearly entranced with the sight, GLEEFULLY bounded at a pace straight for what he thought was a BANQUET of NUTS!

I don’t think he’d ever been TAKEN OUT with an INFLATABLE FLAMINGO before!

Yours Nuttily



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman today a PACKAGE arrived from George, I cast about in the depths of my memory for which GEORGE of my acquaintance would be sending me a parcel.

Re-examining the label I see it is addressed to Ronald and comes from a George in PINGFU TOWN, SHENZHEN, CHINA! Curious.



Ronald has just popped to town for POTATOES and MALTESERS, two of the ESSENTIALS of life. The POTATOES are for Ronald.
As he doesn’t know it’s arrived it seems the ideal time to open the PACKAGE.

There is rather a strong smell of RUBBER or PLASTIC, it must be something for the car; I will let you know what I discover.

Yours Curiously