Dear ladies and the occasional gentleman, what a lovely day . As you know I was meeting my dear friend Veronica for a LADIES LIGHT LUNCHEON.

We decided we needed a little SEA AIR and made our genteel way to the SEASIDE. “What was this?” Veronica cried making an EMERGENCY STOP. After I had disentangled myself from my handbag and a couple of UNKNOWN ARTICLES that had shot over my head with the KINETIC ENERGY generated by the enforced stop.

The road to the SEASIDE was closed! How very annoying! But have no fear my lovely ladies and the occasional gentleman, there is always another way.

Oh that first glimpse of the WHITE HORSES galloping to shore and washing over the golden sand. It lifts your HEART, the OCEAN.

After parking the car our first stop was the CHARITY SHOP and I was thrilled to find a 1980’s KNITTING BOOK, I know you are all jealous.

We then went to a SEAFRONT GALLERY with all sorts of interesting GOODIES. We had a pleasant chat with the lovely LADY PROPRIETOR. Although I was a little disconcerted when talking about her stock, she said “I’VE GOT A 6 FOOT HORSE OUT THE BACK” and thought it was time we left, Veronica’s TUMMY was doing THE SAILORS HORNPIPE by this time which meant lunch was due.

We entered the delightful TEA-ROOMS and Veronica glancing to her right said to the poor innocent man lunching with his wife “OH WHAT LARGE SCONES YOU HAVE!” Before his wife, who was looking a little cross at this remark could reach Veronica, I steered her away to a little table the other side of the room.

We were sharing a delicious POT OF TEA when we were joined by a little girl of about 3. from the next table. Who unfortunately had the same dress on as Veronica. I do believe a mature women has to be a little cautious about DENIM. Of course Veronica was hoping she would move away but the little girl decided she had an IMAGINARY FRIEND in the chair next to Veronica. I thought they looked quite sweet together, she was like a MINI ME Veronica.
I don’t think Veronica thought it was sweet.

Yours Amusedly




My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, we are celebrating in the Ladygarden residence. Dear Morello has been HEAD-HUNTED (such a vulgar expression) and today she accepted their offer.

So as you can see we have popped those CHAMPAGNE corks and celebrated. This is my favourite CHAMPAGNE and quite honestly it is my drink of choice.

If only we still used HORSE and CARRIAGE to travel about I would drink it every day.

Yours Bubbily


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