“IAM NOT A NUMBER!” this my dear ladies and occasional gentleman is what Ronald was crying into the WIND as he bowled around the streets of PORTMEIRION in NORTH WALES.

I caught up with him as he was purchasing a two scoop SALTED caramel ICE-CREAM but he made off behind the MERMAID with the two tails, shouting “I WON’T BE A PAWN IN YOUR GAME!”

I snatched another glimpse of his panicked face as a LARGE WHITE balloon escaped from a sticky child’s hand and floated after him across the GIANT CHESS SET.

Leaving me to have  a lovely RELAXING time wandering around the pretty ITALIANATE gardens with quirky TROMPE L’OEIL and statues. If you haven’t seen or don’t know about the television programme ‘THE PRISONER’, don’t bother to read this as the references won’t mean a thing to you.

If you ever are in Snowdonia do visit PORTMEIRION you won’t be dissappointed.

I’ll leave you now as we are going for our morning walk with the dogs on the coastal path, the scenery is STUNNING. Sparkling blue sea and glorious mountains.

Only marred by our morning argument over Ronald’s stubbornness insisting that one of the mountains is SNOWDON, when quite clearly the GIANT one BEHIND it is SNOWDON. He knew he was wrong the first morning but there was no way he can admit it.

Yours Smugly


my thanks to Tim Richmond who gave me permission to use his postcard pictures.

If you would like to see more of his pictures of PORTMEIRION http://www.timrichmondphotography.co.uk



img_3016“My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, Ronald and I are enjoying a few days away in a COTTAGE in CORNWALL.

It is EL SCORCHIO! Aren’t we lucky to have such gorgeous weather?

We are taking full advantage of our heated SWIMMING POOL then lounging in the sun to dry off.

Had a bit of bother with Ronald he will insist on STRIPPING OFF his swim shorts when leaving the pool area and drying himself off whilst standing on the lawn.

What’s wrong with that you may well ask, the problem is there a quite a few SQUIRRELS.

One  BOLD little chap clearly entranced with the sight, GLEEFULLY bounded at a pace straight for what he thought was a BANQUET of NUTS!

I don’t think he’d ever been TAKEN OUT with an INFLATABLE FLAMINGO before!

Yours Nuttily



MELLOW LELLO, my dear ladies and occasional gentleman is just the right phrase.

Livraria Lello is the correct name for this wonderful bookshop.

If you are ever in PORTO,  do take the time for a visit, it is well worth it.

However my dears,  I would advise that you visit before partaking of any ALCOHOLIC BEVERIDGES.

The surreal staircases (think Harry Potter) are not to be tackled after imbibing LIQUID REFRESHMENTS.

I managed to ascend the first flight but on reaching that first SUMMIT. and having to decide to either turn left or right for the next flight, (I’m sure those stairs were moving) I FROZE.

Ronald who had already reached the top luckily peered over the balcony and spotted me on HANDS and KNEES, completely BLOCKING the stairs with a waiting group of camera snapping JAPANESE tourists behind me.

The only way was up and with Ronald’s support and eyes closed I made it.

I don’t think I can put all the blame on the PORT, I am just not very good with heights.

Yours Vertigoly


p.s. Thank you to all my dear ladies and occasional gentleman who have purchased my new book.


wp-1485439903944.jpgwp-1485440263315.jpgMy dear ladies and occasional gentleman, if you consider a little SOJOURN to OPORTO, you might consider a stay in the OPORTO COSY.

Built in the 190o’s it retains many original features, the optional breakfast is more than enough to keep you going through the day. Tea, coffee and wine can be served in your room but the best part of the GUESTHOUSE is the warm welcome and the service.

It is also great value for money.

Oporto is built on a hill running down to the river. The position of the guesthouse towards the top has a big ADVANTAGE, it means you can enjoy your, FOOD, WINE & PORT then WALK it off on the way back.

Yours Cosily


p.s. LUCKY ESCAPE, my dear ladies and occasional gentleman in the NEWS today was a story about a poor LADY who tried to drink her MINIATURE BOTTLE of VODKA on an EASY JET FLIGHT.

The flight attendants told her that she couldn’t drink it and even called the POLICE and asked for her to be ARRESTED.

Thank goodness the police had more sense and REFUSED.

I’m thinking that VERONICA and I were very LUCKY not to be ARRESTED when she FILLED Her WATER BOTTLE with VODKA & TONIC and I filled mine with GIN & TONIC and we took them on our FLIGHT to MORROCCO.



Yes my dear ladies and occasional gentleman OPORTO is WELL WORTH a visit. There certainly were some lovely and interesting buildings.

And the best bit you can WALK to most of them.

That means you can soak up the ATMOSPHERE and  you don’t miss anything.

I lost Ronald for a moment, he was checking what was on at the CINEMA.

Yours Architecturely




My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, here is Ronald and me enjoying some WHITE PORT in the city of OPORTO on our holiday in October.

To make up for my absence I will be bombarding you with posts in order that you can catch up on events in the Ladygarden household.

Yours Slurpily


P.s. I have been working with a very dear lady friend of mine on a project, I think you would call her a ‘GHOST WRITER’.

More news on that later .C x


My dear ladies and occasional gentleman as I hope you may be aware I have been absent. 

We were lucky enough to spend first a week in beautiful WELSH WALES, HIRSUTE ROLEY particularly enjoyed the beach. Despite the clouds it was lovely and warm.

We returned home for one night to the very lovely NORTH DEVON.

Then secondly a few days in gorgeous CORNWALL.

Beautiful flowers grown by my beautiful granddaughter.


You would have thought that with all this relaxation and beautiful surroundings my HAIR would have decided to stay on my  HEAD.

But NO!

On returning home I stepped into the shower (ladies don’t jump).

After I had washed my hair I noticed that I was paddling in about an inch of water.

Investigating the PLUGHOLE I discovered what appeared to be a small knitted jumper BORROWER size.


Walking into the sitting room this product was on the Telly.


TWO bottles of GIN or some decent wine.


TWO months supply of FURRY FOAM.



P.S. I am still shaving my legs

P.P.S. Some eyebrow and eyelashes down the PLUGHOLE.

P.P.P.S. THE BORROWERS. See Mary Norton.

P.P.P.P.S. North Devon Photo courtesy of my dear friend Karen Owen.

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