My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, you may remember my visit to the dentist for my broken tooth.

On entering the TORTURE CHAMBER my DENTIST smiled at me.

I gave him a piece of handmade LEMON & LIME with a hint of PATCHOULI soap, manly-wrapped in tissue and tied with twine. I made it at at a fantastic SOAP workshop run by a dear friend of mine, somebody had dropped out and she kindly offered me a place.

I was paired with an ‘INTERESTING LADY’ who had very STRONG ideas of the SOAP she would make. She decided on LEMON & LIME and as you can see an ‘INTERESTING’ colour choice. It was pointed out by the SOAP expert that a hint of PICHOULI would bring the SCENTS together.

This scent her over the edge as she reiterated that she could not abide PATCHOULI as it reminded her of an unpleasant boyfriend she had when she was 17.

It’s not that I lack compassion but as she was a woman in her late 50’s I thought it was time she got over it.

The PICHOULI went in.

Giving my DENTIST the soap, made by my own fair hands, I said “This is a present to put in your EXECUTIVE TOILET, so now you have to be very gentle with me.”

SOFT-SOAPING? I lay back in the chair and he said ” No need for injections today, it’s a dead tooth so it won’t hurt.”

55 minutes of DRILLING, POST FITTING, MOLD taking, temporary CAP fitted I walked out.

My next appointment to have temporary cap removed and forever one fitted is next Tuesday. MY BIRTHDAY!

Yours Soapily


ps The soap is lovely.

pps I sat with the mold in my mouth for quite some time with the dentist checking it before he realised that it wasn’t going to set! It took a while to pull out the strings of what tasted like SECOND HAND CHEWING GUM. Embarrassment all round for the dentist (tee-hee).

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