HAROLD THE CROSS-DRESSING LIBRARIAN rang to say we are in trouble with the Library, Mother”s book ‘FIFTY SHADES’ is overdue.

Iam still playing NURSEY-NURSEY to my Mother since she was discharged from hospital but I cannot find the book. Still it was alright because Harold bless-him was so excited about the GIANT KNITTING he was distracted.

Harold enjoys CROCHETING AND KNITTING, indeed he has created some beautiful pieces. He is particularly into S & M, SEQUINS and MOHAIR. He was wearing a pretty little bolero last week in ICE-CREAM FONDANT SUNDAE STRAWBERRY PINK MOHAIR with PURPLE HOLOGRAM SEQUINS. He said “I’d LOVE some BIG BALLS like yours and I’d LOVE to get my hands on a pair of those BIG BOYS” I have referred him to INGRID WAGNER’s WEBSITE.

Yours Nursingly


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