I was meeting my lady friends for TAI CHI today but on the way I had to take some costumes from the pantomime back to the village hall? They were rather heavy so very kindly Ronald offered to carry them for me if I took hirsute Roley and then they could carry on with their walk afterwards.

My lady friends arrived whilst we waited for the MEDITATION group to come out before we could go in with the costumes. As the meditation group were leaving, their leader stopped and asked us ” ARE ANY OF YOU GAY”?

Ronald turned to Mr Meditation and said “That’s rather a personal question to ask”

Mr Meditation looked confused at first and then embarrassed as he hastened to assure us that “I just wondered if any of you were GAYE, I need to give her this” and he waved a cheque in the air.

Gaye is the lady who takes bookings for the hall, in case you were wondering.

My lady friends and I had a good old chuckle before we could settle and calm ourselves ready for our TAI CHI.

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