My dear ladies and occasional gentleman I returned from a very lovely AFTERNOON TEA with friends to discover Ronald had VACUUMED and WASHED all the floors.

What a WONDERFUL husband I hear you all SHOUT and you are correct and I thanked him accordingly.

Then with a HANGDOG faced he FESSED UP and showed me this:

Apparently  our new GTECH VACUUM CLEANER is as the ADVERT says not only lightweight and cordless but POWERFUL!

POWERFUL enough to SUCK UP, CHEW AND SPIT OUT a sleeve of the baby jacket I had just finished KNITTING for a nephews impending baby.

I suppose I should be thankful the GTECH survived and it was just one sleeve!

Out come the knitting needles again.

Ronald has had a bit of making up to do.

Yours Knittingly



Have you ever paid £60 for a pair of ODD SHOES  my dear ladies and occasional gentleman? Ronald has!

We were spending a DELIGHTFUL weekend away in OXFORD when we discovered a SKECHERS shop in WESTGATE. Great, Ronald’s last PAIR are almost hanging off his feet.

We bought FOUR pairs.

A PAIR for me, a PAIR for our little granddaughter and TWO PAIRS for Ronald.


Home in NORTH DEVON Ronald DISCOVERED one of his ‘PAIRS’ of shoes was a SIZE 7 1/2 and one a size 8 1/2.

I phoned the SHOP, they PROMISED the MANAGER would ring me back. HE DIDN’T. I had to RING again.

Unfortunately THE PRIORITY for the SKECHERS shop was to get THEIR shoe back, MY PRIORITY as I pointed out to the young lady on the phone, was  getting  RONALD’S SHOE.

She suggested I take the shoe into their EXETER shop a round trip of eighty miles. I pointed out that apart from the time, petrol and parking Ronald would still only have ONE SHOE. 

The next suggestion was for me to POST THE SHOE  with my RECEIPT and when it arrived they would post RONALD’S SHOE.

After TWO telephone calls to the shop, TWO to head office,  FINALLY the shop manager did eventually call me.

A WEEK later Ronald still has ODD SHOES.

WARNING! When you buy SKECHERS check the sizes before you leave the shop.

The ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM is wonderful, do visit if you are in OXFORD. 

Yours Cobberly




My dear ladies and occasional gentleman who knew? I’ve never heard of a SPAM-BOT but apparently there is one on the LOOSE.

And it’s not Ronald’s DERRIERE after too many SPAM FRITTERS!

I have been BOMBARDED with new SPAM followers from a NEW BOT but the wonderful HAPPINESS ENGINEERS at WORDPRESS are working hard on BLOCKING them.

Yours Bottily


P.S. Just a reminder that this WONDERFUL book ‘CELIA LADYGARDEN AND THE CURIOUS CURIOSITY’ is available on AMAZON. It’s all about an INCIDENT that happened in our little North Devon village, of course dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I am the HEROINE.


These are great short stories by my dear friend and co-author, also available on AMAZON.

Copy of Little Red & Other Stories (4)


My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, as you may well have noticed I bypassed the ‘Season’s Greetings’ bit, I am sure that you had enough reading to do with all those Christmas cards, messages yada, yada, yada, without me adding to the burden.

But here I am wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR.

Here is the ADORABLE new addition to our family POLLY. She was rescued from a PUPPY FARM by the wonderful charity MANY TEARS RESCUE

FullSizeRender (2)

As you can see Hirsute Roley is being an absolute STAR as they get to know one another.

If you are thinking of taking a dog into your family PLEASE DO consider ADOPTING a rescue dog.

We saved THREE dogs by adopting Polly. Polly herself, her foster parents were able to take another dog out of kennels for Christmas and the charity was able to RESCUE another dog.

Polly is an ABSOLUTE POPPET, very quiet (except when I am in the bathroom and she has taken to sitting outside giving little barks) follows me around everywhere and is happiest either on my lap or next to me (or Ronald in a pinch).

We had not planned on sharing the MARITAL BED with two dogs but Hey Ho! Saves on HOT WATER BOTTLES.

Yours Doggily




IN THE PINK and please my dear ladies and occasional gentleman don’t alert the RSPCA.

I’m sure I am not the only lady of a certain age who is on the horns of a dilemma.

There are SILVER THREADS weaving themselves through the bizarrely darker than normal new growth at my CROWN. 

Having waited to see what would happen and hoping that it would all turn silver, then I could have FUNKY (oops spelt that wrong 3 times😆) COLOURED streaks, I was DESPERATE!

At the back of the cupboard I found an old hair dye, GREAT! 

Next day after WASHING Hirsute Roley’s little FEET after his walk (our small village is awash with SHEEP SH.T and MUD!) I dried him with the towel I’d used around my shoulders, it hadn’t gotten wet.

Later that day I noticed the hair around his HAIRY little nose, mouth and chest and various other places had a REDDISH HUE! 

It’s difficult to see in this picture but it’s there, we have our own LITTLE RUDOLPH.

Yours Blushingly



IT DOESN’T WORK! Asserted Ronald when I asked him to make sure he had his MOBILE PHONE with him and that he would answer me when I phoned him to pick me up from the HAIRDRESSERS.

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman I asked this because he never answers his mobile and I have to try and catch him on the house phone.

“It doesn’t work” says Ronald.

“OK I’ll ring you now and you can show me IT DOESN’T WORK” I reply.

I ring him and he jabs away at the screen as if he’s trying to drill a hole in it and shouts triumphantly “see IT DOESN’T WORK!”

I lean over and swipe the screen, “it’s working now”.
He’s only had the phone since LAST CHRISTMAS!

Yours frustratedly