THE CURIOUS CURIOSITY my dear ladies and occasional gentleman is the first book in the series about my dear village St Urith With Well.


 Abridged Excerpt from ‘The Curious Curiosity’:

“This is the most excitement since Mr Mc Loosely was a guest at our WI.”

“Goodness really? What on earth was his talk about?” Asked Claire.

“He gave us a talk about surviving in the wild. It was all a bit boring until he was telling us how to forage for food, when Marjorie Phipps who quite frankly Claire could survive on her own excess body fat for at least three months….”

“That’s a bit harsh Aunty Pat.”

“But true Claire. Anyway on the pretext of going to the toilet she nose-dived into the tuna vol-au-vents and cut rounds. Irene Ingles, madam chairperson was furious and started to get up to go and stop her. The other ladies who hadn’t really been listening to Mr Mc Loosely, started to rise up out of their seats, thinking the talk was over and not wanting to miss the food.

Mr Mc Loosely realised he was losing his audience, picked up two sticks and loudly banged them together shouting ‘LET’S MAKE FIRE!’

The shout woke Wendy who was asleep in the front row,  she launched her bottle of elderflower water all over Mr Mc Loosely whose linen trousers went completely transparent. This stopped the stampede to the buffet in its tracks as we all realised Mr Mc Loosely went commando. It was the most exciting talk we’ve ever had at the WI.  Throw your blue light on the roof love and I’ll put me foot down.”

“I haven’t got a blue light Aunty Pat.”

“Starsky and Hutch always had a blue light! The Sweeney always had a blue light! You’re the police you must have a blue light !”

I would love you to read all about me and my friends. Go on treat yourself to a scrummy, yummy book.

Yours Readingly


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SEPARATE BEDROOMS SAVES LIVES my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

It’s wonderful to see family after so long but Ronald has moved back and invaded my sanctuary.

Believe me it’s the reason Ronald is still ALIVE as we have been shielding since March.

1st night, used to sleeping on the other side of the bed he climbed on top of me trying to get out to go for a wee.

2nd night, coming back from the bathroom he smacked face-first into the closed door of the bedroom he used to be in.

I’m not telling you how many times his snoring has woken me. I’m not sure we’re going to make it till New Year. merry Christmas.

Yours Grumpily



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman we all need HUGS and we all need LAUGHTER.

Come and visit my village St Urith With Well in my BOOKS.

Heartwarming funny stories, oh and the occasional murder, kidnapping, family secret and love matches.

Amazon ebook 99p, paperback free on KU

Yours Bookishly




THE UNFURLED MOTH? I hear you ask my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

Well it is the latest BOOK about me and Ronald and all my dear friends in our village, not forgetting Hirsute Roley and Polly the rescue.

I don’t know how she does it but my dear friend Glenda has been scribbling away jotting down my adventures and here is the result..

Its so versatile as you can read the PAPERBACK, EBOOK or on KINDLE UNLIMITED.

Yours Bookily


p.s. Sneeze into your elbows and wash your hands properly, there are some nasty germs about.



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, there have been a SERIES of UNFORTUNATE EVENTS.

We were looking after our son’s dogs when UNFORTUNATELY the puppy JUMPED Ronald’s BARRIER of ladders on top of the garden wall and LEAPT into the field with the BULLOCKS.

 I slipped on my WELLINGTONS whilst YELLING at Ronald (who was in bed drinking tea) and made my way in my DRESSING GOWN along the road and down the lane. 

I thought RONALD was following me to the FIELD-GATE but I heard a COMMOTION and Roley barking in distress.

Ronald had decided in his WISDOM to follow the dog and JUMP over into the field.

UNFORTUNATELY as he LEAPT he caught his leg on the BARBED WIRE fence, to steady himself he REACHED and GRABBED the LADDER  which then LANDED ON TOP of him.

FORTUNATELY the weight of it disengaged his leg from the BARBED WIRE.

UNFORTUNATELY he fell into a VAST pile of COW SHIT.

FORTUNATELY it was a soft landing.

UNFORTUNATELY he received numerous PUNCTURES, CUTS bruises and a possible BROKEN RIB.

FORTUNATELY the dog came to me and slid under the field-gate.

The MORAL of the story THINK before you LEAP.

Yours Fortunately



Dear ladies and occasional gentleman, this was NEARLY the HEADLINE in our local paper after I had a SPECTACULAR FALL in the FOREST.

Ronald and I were on our way back through the FOREST with our two HAIRY little DOGS

When I suddenly found myself FLYING through the air and FACE-PLANTING down on the FOREST floor.

A SOFT landing you might think and yes it was except my KNEES landed on a HANDY THICK BRANCH that was laying across the pathway.

Ronald had a slight PANIC and SLID his arm UNDER my NECK and tried to LIFT me up half STRANGLING ME  in the process.


I wanted to lay there and assess the  DAMAGE,  which was difficult when someone is trying to HOICK you up by your NECK!

LEAVE ME! JUST LEAVE ME A MINUTE! I was trying to shout but it was only when hirsute Roley intervened did Ronald RELEASE my NECK.

That was THREE WEEKS AGO and my KNEES are still BLACK,  BLUE, PURPLE.

FUNNILY enough RONALD has a few BLACK and BLUE BRUISES too.

Yours Sorely



GHOSTLY. WRITING my dear ladies and occasional gentleman well may you ask.

I’m back working with my dear ghostly writer friend on our NEXT BOOK  with the working title of:

‘ENS FER PETTIN’. Spellcheck is struggling with the DEVON DIALECT!

Yours Writingly


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