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How exciting I have been nominated for a ‘Blog’ award, I think in this instance I must ignore the vulgar word.

A new reader to my little Bliss nominated me a dear lady called Silver Threads (what were her parents thinking).

According to the rules I have to list seven things about myself and nominate another. So here goes.

1. I am lucky enough to have Her Majesty as one of my dearest friends
2. I am lucky enough to have the same husband now as I did in the beginning
3. I am lucky enough to have 3 children who live in different parts approx 3 1/2 hrs drive away
4. I am lucky enough to have been locked on Brighton Pier with The Rolling Stones
5. I am lucky enough to have sung in the Albert Hall, London
6. I am lucky enough to perform with The Fannys, Fannying Around
7. I am lucky enough to write scripts, stories, pantomimes and my little bliss.
I nominate

Yours Awardedly




What a lovely RUMMAGE for a Sunday morning. Veronica and I set forth for a VINTAGE FAYRE in a local HOSTELRY. We love a RUMMAGE, you never know what you will find.

Quite by accident we avoided the £1 entrance fee by going in a side door. To be fair this was not our fault as the lack of SIGNAGE made it almost impossible to find your way in.

An interesting selection of stalls and goods greeted us. Veronica is off like A GREYHOUND OUT OF A TRAP as she makes a quick sorty around the room, trying to spot a bargain. She is a very DISCERNING browser, Veronica and won’t buy just any old thing, it has to be right. She did make a purchase a small brown suitcase REDOLENT of PADDINGTON BEAR.

I purchased a rather smart STAINLESS-STEEL SPOUT for a wine bottle. We then intended to peruse the BOOT FAYRE but due to the inclement weather it was cancelled. As we started to drive away we spotted a small notice of a TABLE-TOP SALE in the hall next to SAINSBURYS, due to start in an hour.

Why not we thought and parked up and popped into SAINSBURYS for a lovely cup of tea, while we waited.

What a MISCELLANY of items were on display, that is if you could fight your way through the crowd to reach the stall. Veronica of course was off and running, ELBOWS FLYING, eyes darting THIS WAY AND THAT.

I followed on at a more sedate pace, contemplating the BARRY MANILOW COLLECTION alongside a GIFT SET for a man, comprising of a SET OF MINIATURE SKITTLES, a pack of cards, a bar of soap and a bottle of body lotion. WHY I ask myself?What was their reasoning in putting those items in the same gift box?

As we were leaving Veronica had her eye on a SLOW-COOKER, whilst two BETTY BOOP clocks had captured mine. They were on the same stall. I negotiated and purchased my clocks. Veronica did the same with her slow-cooker. I don’t know why but I feel I may use my clocks more than she will use her slow-cooker.

Yours Tick-Tockedly


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