Well my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, I expect you are wondering how our ladies lunch went. Veronica did enjoy the soup, well she did finish 10 minutes before myself and Ronald, which is a good indicator and the accompanying warm roll was also enjoyed. I must say myself it was delicious.

We had many exciting things to discuss such as our plans for 2014.
Ronald kept us supplied with tea and coffee in between looking for his sponge. He stopped to update Veronica on the state of his allergy and expressed his concerns saying “I might go into EPELEPTIC FOX” Veronica looked confused until she realised he meant ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK at which point she collapsed into hysterics laughing so much her mascara ran, not a good look.
I am used to Ronald’s little foibles but he does make me laugh.

Then Morello turned up what a lovely surprise and proceeded to colour my hair. The reason being her older sister Sabina visited two weeks ago and coloured my hair for me unfortunately I had gone from being a light golden brown to RADIOACTIVE CARROT colour. So for the past fortnight I have been wearing a lot of hats!

Yours Nervously


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