PUDDING CLUB my dear ladies and occasional gentleman?

Yes I’m in, a whole evening of EATING nothing but PUDDINGS and drinking WINE.

I’m off to make a HOT CROSS BUN bread pudding.

Might I have acquired a PUDDING addiction?

How Exciting!

EXCITING indeed my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

My dear friend RICHARD DEES the well know  SCI-FI with a humorous twist author (Andora Pett series a must read) has very kindly featured my dear friend Glenda Barnett in his INDIE SHOWCASE.

Many of you know Glenda is my little ghostly writer who pens my adventures and life in our village St Urith With Well in deepest DEVON.

Indie Showcase

Please click on the blue Indie Showcase.

Oops, there goes my LUNCH,  Ronald has just tipped my cup of SOUP down the sink. He thought it was the dregs of my TEA.

Yours Hungrily



wp-1485439903944.jpgwp-1485440263315.jpgMy dear ladies and occasional gentleman, if you consider a little SOJOURN to OPORTO, you might consider a stay in the OPORTO COSY.

Built in the 190o’s it retains many original features, the optional breakfast is more than enough to keep you going through the day. Tea, coffee and wine can be served in your room but the best part of the GUESTHOUSE is the warm welcome and the service.

It is also great value for money.

Oporto is built on a hill running down to the river. The position of the guesthouse towards the top has a big ADVANTAGE, it means you can enjoy your, FOOD, WINE & PORT then WALK it off on the way back.

Yours Cosily


p.s. LUCKY ESCAPE, my dear ladies and occasional gentleman in the NEWS today was a story about a poor LADY who tried to drink her MINIATURE BOTTLE of VODKA on an EASY JET FLIGHT.

The flight attendants told her that she couldn’t drink it and even called the POLICE and asked for her to be ARRESTED.

Thank goodness the police had more sense and REFUSED.

I’m thinking that VERONICA and I were very LUCKY not to be ARRESTED when she FILLED Her WATER BOTTLE with VODKA & TONIC and I filled mine with GIN & TONIC and we took them on our FLIGHT to MORROCCO.


CAMEL SLOBBER? My dear ladies and gentleman needless to say Ronald and I did not choose this desert whilst in PORTO.

This is one speciality FRANCESINHA! Which we managed to avoid.

I promise to talk about the lovelier parts of PORTO and our holiday. In fact I’ll start now.

This dear little PARK was just outside our lovely 1900’s GUEST HOUSE.

What a BREAKFAST to line our tummies with before starting on the PORT.

Yours Avoidingly



BRUSSELMANCER, yes my dear ladies and occasional gentleman I can feel your confusion (see it’s already working, I know what you are thinking)
I have just read about a lady who is an ASPARAMANCER, mmn exactly. Apparently she can tell the future from casting her fresh WORCESTERSHIRE grown ASPARAGUS and interpreting what it tells her.

I thought I would give it a try as I am writing a BOOK and thought I could find out how SUCCESSFUL it will be. Unfortunately I didn’t have any WORCESTERSHIRE ASPARAGUS about my person but I did have some DEVONSHIRE BRUSSEL SPROUTS.
Here is my first casting.

I think I need more practise as I’m not sure what this is telling me.
If my dear ladies and occasional gentleman you are more skilled in the art of BRUSSELMANCING, PLEASE if you have the time interpret this casting for me.
In the meantime, back to the writing.

Yours Scribblingly



SPOT THE DIFFERENCE my dear ladies and occasional gentleman. Our delicious DAMSON GIN was quite happy and we had enjoyed a little NIP or two. However yesterday I ventured forth for a little light LUNCHEON with my dear friend VERONICA.
As you are aware Veronica is a great FORRAGER but not keen myself on MASTICATING ROADKILL BADGER and whatever greenery she had S.A.S MANOEUVRED her way to finding deep in the hedgerows, I had managed to persuade her to put on something more LADYLIKE and join me in the CAFE at our local THEATRE.

On my return to the Ladygarden residence I noticed something strange with the DAMSON GIN, can you spot it?


What EAGLE EYES you have, yes the one on the right has a STRANGE SEDIMENT!

After INTERROGATING Ronald he FESSED UP. He decided to top up the jars with more GIN and a little sugar. Ok so far.

UNFORTUNATELY he had picked up a bag of FLOUR.

It was in the jar before he realized what it was. He tried to scoop it out with a SPOON, unsuccessfully.

I am going to stick a label with my name on it on the other jar.

Yours Flourly



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, this morning Ronald decided for some unknown reason to have a RAW EGG in MILK for breakfast.

Half an hour later he started worrying about eating the raw egg in case he got SIMONELLA!



Yours Eggily



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, who doesn’t like a bit of long tall Gaul?imageimage

No-one I hear you cry, so let me introduce you to NICHOLAS our host at the RIAD ANYSSATES.  Apart from being all PARISIAN and GORGEOUS  nothing is too much trouble, he dimageefinitely knows how to look after us LADIES!

His wonderful staff, FATIMA and the LADIES and especially dear MOHAMMED and all.

What is there not to like about PANCAKES and CAKE for breakfast?


If your stay coincides with my dear friend Veronica BEWARE! You’ll never know what you might find on your breakfast table, she does love a bit of FORAGING and will have been into all sorts of NOOKS and CRANNIES up the SOUK!

Yours Gaulingly



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