Thank you to TERRY PRATCHETT for this wonderful expression which was so apt for my lady friend Gloria.

My picture yesterday showed the ingredients I had bought for my flower DECORATION but what was missing were the ROSES and the GYPSOPHILA. So I telephoned Gloria who luckily enough was purchasing her FLOWERS and was kind enough to say she would purchase mine as well. Unfortunately as I telephoned, her KNICKERS were struggling to fight against GRAVITY and were heading for her knees threatening to arrive at her ankles. Hence “There’s many a slip twixt dress and drawers” as NANNY OGG would say. Poor Gloria was struggling with her mobile, flowers and UNDERWEAR but she is a determined LADY.

Hope you think my ‘WEDDING CAKE’ flower display is good enough to put in the CHURCH window.

Yours Floraly



I must apologise for yesterdays title, I of course meant to say a TIP from Ronald.

Assembled in the picture are the ingredients to make a WEDDING CAKE, I kid you not!

Last week whilst walking with Gloria we were accosted by the lady who is organising the local church’s FLOWER FESTIVAL ‘A CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGE’. Before I could say I was going on holiday to Patagonia, Gloria and I had been given a window each to decorate, a deadline for producing our framed WEDDING PICTURES and I was on a promise to bake 4 dozen scones for CREAM TEAS!

I have many talents, FLOWER ARRANGING is not one of them. I have to somehow turn this little lot into a wedding cake. I requested Ronald’s help but he grunted and retired to his shed with a beer and the paper.

Yours Nervously


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