ROLEY’S REPRIEVE, yes I can confirm Roley’s ASBO has been lifted.

Whilst taking our afternoon walk and meeting various villagers and catching up on the LOCAL GOSSIP, I happened to notice a D.O.G enter the CHURCHYARD. It is allowed because it’s owner locks up the church, it was a quiet old dog, just plodding along with it’s human.

It turns out this ASBO should have been applied to a much larger dog than Roley and apparently this dog had been chasing around the CHURCHYARD when someone had been placing flowers on a GRAVE and something had been knocked over, causing some upset. So the notice was put up to stop this happening.

Now my dear ladies and the occasional gentleman, Ronald and I went out to purchase some new bed linen and curtains for our bedroom this morning. He is putting up the curtains and has lost his FINIAL must dash!



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