So I am just winding down from the pantomime (more about that later) and I went with
my dear lady friends, Gwendoline, Theresa & Christina to the CINEMA to see the film ‘THE RAILWAY MAN’. We took our drinks in with us, ours is a very civilised THEATRE/CINEMA, my drink being ELDERFLOWER. I am afraid rather a lot of ALCOHOL had been consumed the week of the pantomime, so now I am reducing my intake to a glass of WINE with a meal , weekends only.

We had good seats, back row, downstairs and we settled ourselves. Just before the film started a lady climbed up to us and indicated she needed to go passed us to get to her seat on the inside.

“This always ANNOYS ME when someone arrives late and you have to stand up to let them through” she says, chuckling to herself. Unfortunately as I stood up and there is not very much room as you may be aware, my SEAT FLIPPED UP taking my SKIRT with it, giving the people behind me a clear view of my BUM!

The film is quite HARROWING and I am sorry to say dear ladies and the occasional gentleman, that I had to COVER MY EYES at some of the scenes of torture and brutality. One cannot fail to be moved by the HISTORY of the poor men who were forced to build THE BURMA RAILWAY, or of their wives who had to live with these broken men after THE WAR.

This was the second occasion I had cried this evening, the first was watching the NEWS before I left home and seeing the plight of the people of SYRIA.

On leaving the AUDITORIUM a lady was heard asking her friend who the empty seat next to her had been for. The reply was “Oh that’s for my IMAGINARY FRIEND”.

In the midst of TRAGEDY there is still some HUMOUR.

Yours Tearfully



LURE OF THE SILVER SCREEN. What larks, my friend Veronica and myself have been cajoled into making another film. This follows our last successful celluloid extravaganza for which we wrote the original script and directed ourselves in order that we had the best lines and the cameraman shot our best sides.

Strange the cameraman was taken away on the last day of filming by some very nice young men in white coats. We could still hear him singing ‘Tip-toe Through The Tulips’ as they closed the ambulance doors. There was a bit of screaming before that so he must have caught his long-lens in his shutter.

Tomorrow I am going to our local craft club and we are DECOUPAGING. we have been asked to take some tissue so I am taking some KLEENEX and a roll of IZAL ┬átoilet paper And a framed photo of Ronald, it’s a bit dull and could do wit h brightening up.

Must dash I have some WRIST-WARMERS FELTING in the washing machine and I think I may have overdone the soap as there are BUBBLES bubbling under the utility door.

Yours Soapily


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