My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, this morning Ronald decided for some unknown reason to have a RAW EGG in MILK for breakfast.

Half an hour later he started worrying about eating the raw egg in case he got SIMONELLA!



Yours Eggily


SPOT THE EGG COMPETITION. Can you? I put the egg down for scale as my daughter said that my foot in the last picture of BIG KNITTING did not really help. Unfortunately hirsute Roley thought he should investigate. Somewhere under that hairy head is THE EGG.

As you can see I am making slow progress, it is a lot harder than it looks. I want to keep going but can only really manage half a row at a time. I work through the pain and ignore hirsute Roley’s and Ronalds yelps when they get wacked with the equivalent of a MAORI PATU and soldier on till the end.

I do love it though, It is very tactile and little Pocohontas at the weekend kept stroking her face with it.

Yours “Mau”ely


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