LOGTASTIC! Ronald cried and no it wasn’t because the TOILET was BLOCKED, my dear ladies and occasional gentleman. 

Which was good because it’s raining and I didn’t want him stood out in the ELEMENTS with his HOSE down the drains.

No it’s because he had a load of LOGS delivered and that’s better than CHRISTMAS to Ronald. What is it with men and logs?

My dear friend and little ghostly writer and I are working on another book about my adventures in our little village in Devon, to be published next year.

In the meantime Glenda has published a book of short stories which would be a great little stocking filler.

Yours Readily

p.s. ‘Celia Ladygarden and the Curious Curiosity’ is also available on Amazon

Teresa comments

I think Little Barney is a very brave Bear. Celia I must tell you that today you would have been so proud of young Gwendoline and I. We have been rodding all morning! We did have two very strong chaps as our able assistants. And now our pipes that have been blocked for twenty years or more are running beautifully clear again. Such fun. But I confess to being rather worn out now, so have had to sit down for a regenerative early evening tipple.