My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, one of my lovely daughters gave me an AMAZON ECHO for Mother’s Day. Although I am not a one for gadgets, this one is rather marvelous. ‘ALEXA’ is very compliant unlike the STRIDENT notes of our last SAT-NAV, although the current one is far more PLEASANT.

ALEXA did turn herself on accidentally when we were watching a documentary about ALEXANDER THE GREAT but apart from that no problems. Until TODAY.

Little Hirsute Roley is a bit of a TALKER which is LOVELY  and AMUSING and it is part of his many TALENTS that we love. 

Hirsute Roley had come in from the garden, started TALKING and managed to TURN ON ALEXA!

His chosen music was ELTON JOHN singing TINY DANCER.

Now we know why ALEXA is on and MUSIC is PLAYING when we return from shopping. CANINE CONTROL.


Yours Doggily



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, as you can see Hirsute Roley had great fun today playing HIDE AND SEEK with the neighbours.

image image

Ronald had been busy digging over a piece of garden for me. When I pointed out I needed the soil finer there was a bit of GRUMPING.

He cheered up watching Hirsute Roley and called out, ” when I’ve finished PAINT-ROLLING this earth, why don’t we play HIDE THE SAUSAGE?”

I expect like me this is a new game to you. I’m not sure if we need a DICE.

Yours Gamily




My dear ladies and occasional gentleman my dear friend Gloria, myself and another dear friend decided to take our HUSBANDS out for a little AIRING. It does them good to get them out to socialise a little.

So off we went to the unique DUKE OF YORK in IDDESLEIGH, NORTH DEVON. Some of you I am sure are aware that this is where the author MICHAEL MORPURGO met the VETERANS who told him the story of how all the HORSES were taken for the FIRST WORLD WAR. He wrote about this in his wonderful book WAR HORSE.

My great-uncle rode one of these brave horses so the story is a very poignant one for me.

This is NOT my GREAT UNCLE, it’s Ronald. Enjoying a pint of SUB MARINER REAL ALE. I must admit, I wouldn’t mind a taste of a REAL SUBMARINER.

 We shall be returning soon with HIRSUTE ROLEY as DOGS are welcome and he has a particular interest as THE REVEREND JACK RUSSELL used to be the CURATE at the local church. He was the famous TERRIER MAN father of the much loved JACK RUSSELL TERRIER and Hirsute Roley is a JACK RUSSELL X PART YORKSHIRE TERRIER.

When I say the Reverend was the FATHER of the JACK RUSSELL, I didn’t mean literally. I would’nt dare cast nasturtiums. 

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman if you are visiting our beautiful part of Devon, do visit this pretty village and perhaps partake of a GIN & TONIC, a pint of REAL ALE or perhaps a MEAL.

Yours Marching Up to The Top of the Hillily




Hirsute Roley having a post breakfast cuddle on my lap, started barking at a far field where the cows were racing from one side of the field to the other.

Ronald remarked “does he know they’re cows or do they look like dogs to him from this distance?

After reading several articles it appears he may well be seeing them as dogs! Roley along with most dogs sees more movement than size.

If only this applied to humans my dear ladies and occasional gentleman. If we were feeling a little plump, we could just keep moving slightly and everyone would only see the movement and not our expanding waistline.

Men when they wanted to appear bigger would just keep still.

Yours Movingly



My dear ladies and occasional gentlemen, I think I have JET-LAG. I am experiencing DESYNCHRONIZATION of my BIOLOGICAL RYTHMS.
Last night I stayed up late because I was WIDE-AWAKE but this morning I didn’t want to get up and kept nodding off. All this jetting across the world for one night has taken its toll.

I took hirsute Roley for a long walk only realising when I was a third of the way around that I had forgotten Ronald! Oh well blame it on the jet lag. It was a lovely day, the birds were singing and it was a joy to be out.

About half-way around I met an old friend a lovely man and we did a bit of DOGGING. I was telling him all about hirsute Roley and he was telling me all about the RESCUE DOG he and his wife had taken on. I peeped through the window at her, what a sweetie, she is going to need a lot of training but she is good in the house, very friendly and good-natured, just like her owner.

After saying goodbye I started walking on when hirsute Roley started pulling forward excitedly. I was going to let her off the lead as she is good and never goes off but I couldn’t because I thought she WOULD go off she seemed so desperate. Then in the distance I saw the top of Ronald’s head, that’s why hirsute Roley was pulling.

I let her off the lead and her little legs running like PISTONS she shot of up the lane to find her DAD. Don’t ask me how she knew he was coming, some DOGGY instinct?

Yours Doggily



20140213-081343 pm.jpg
As you can see my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, HIRSUTE ROLEY is snuggled in for the duration. I think he has the right idea.
Have all the POUND SHOPS/STORES etc taken over our HIGH STREETS along with CHARITY SHOPS? It seems that the brand new goods in these shops are cheaper at a £1 a pop than the items in the Charity Shops which have become more EXPENSIVE.

It is a TOPSY-TURVY WORLD. Especially after the HURRICANE FORCE WINDS. In the village there are fences down, sheds blown away, along with trampolines, toys, chairs, bins and small animals.

We were treated to the strange sight of a CROW trying to fly in an easterly direction, being blown by the wind in a westerly direction and looking like it was being DANGLED BY A PIECE OF STRING outside of our window.

Yours Windily




Oh  dear, this morning Ronald was ruffled and I don’t just mean his hair, which was sticking up all over following his shower.. He had a look of Stan Laurel about him.

The other day he purchased an extremely large tin of TREACLE from good old LIDLS. Image

Now I am aware of his fancy for TREACLE but this is rather a large tin; perhaps he is thinking there may be a run on TREACLE, or maybe he is going to extend it’s usage.

We arrive at the MULTI-TASKING activity.There he was this morning with his porridge just out of the microwave, his treacle tin and spoon ready, when he decided he would feed little hirsute Roley. So now he also has a dog bowl, dog food, porridge and treacle lined up on the unit. 

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, you are probably ahead of me here and have a good idea of what’s to come.

Ronald takes out the dog mixer biscuits from the cupboard and puts some in the dog bowl, all good so far. He returns the DOG BISCUITS to the cupboard and picks up the dog food, sticks in the spoon and heads for the PORRIDGE ………………………

Yours Chucklingly