THE CURIOUS CURIOSITY my dear ladies and occasional gentleman is the first book in the series about my dear village St Urith With Well.


 Abridged Excerpt from ‘The Curious Curiosity’:

“This is the most excitement since Mr Mc Loosely was a guest at our WI.”

“Goodness really? What on earth was his talk about?” Asked Claire.

“He gave us a talk about surviving in the wild. It was all a bit boring until he was telling us how to forage for food, when Marjorie Phipps who quite frankly Claire could survive on her own excess body fat for at least three months….”

“That’s a bit harsh Aunty Pat.”

“But true Claire. Anyway on the pretext of going to the toilet she nose-dived into the tuna vol-au-vents and cut rounds. Irene Ingles, madam chairperson was furious and started to get up to go and stop her. The other ladies who hadn’t really been listening to Mr Mc Loosely, started to rise up out of their seats, thinking the talk was over and not wanting to miss the food.

Mr Mc Loosely realised he was losing his audience, picked up two sticks and loudly banged them together shouting ‘LET’S MAKE FIRE!’

The shout woke Wendy who was asleep in the front row,  she launched her bottle of elderflower water all over Mr Mc Loosely whose linen trousers went completely transparent. This stopped the stampede to the buffet in its tracks as we all realised Mr Mc Loosely went commando. It was the most exciting talk we’ve ever had at the WI.  Throw your blue light on the roof love and I’ll put me foot down.”

“I haven’t got a blue light Aunty Pat.”

“Starsky and Hutch always had a blue light! The Sweeney always had a blue light! You’re the police you must have a blue light !”

I would love you to read all about me and my friends. Go on treat yourself to a scrummy, yummy book.

Yours Readingly


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My dear ladies and occasional gentleman we all need HUGS and we all need LAUGHTER.

Come and visit my village St Urith With Well in my BOOKS.

Heartwarming funny stories, oh and the occasional murder, kidnapping, family secret and love matches.

Amazon ebook 99p, paperback free on KU

Yours Bookishly




MIFFED NOW SMUG my dear ladies and occasional gentleman is definitely the expression you can see here.

Miffed because I put her out of the shower when she managed to jump in with me.

Smug because she managed to pull the warm towel of the towel rail to sit on

Yours Wetly



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman what testing times we live in and when I say we I mean the peoples of the whole world.

I have only left LADYGARDEN Towers twice in six and a half months apart from dog walks in the fields. Much to the DELIGHT of these two FURRY munchkins.


Yours Homely


p.s. I’ve had plenty of time to work with my little ghost writer on the 4th book all about me and our wonderful North Devon village, coming soon. First 3 books All on Amazon as ebooks & paperbacks, FREE on Kindle Unlimited.


My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, in these worrying times why not lose yourself in a BOOK.

These are ALL ABOUT ME and are guaranteed to whisk you off to beautiful DEVON and provide you with a few chuckles if not out loud belly-laughs.

Yours Bookily,


P.S Free on Kindle Unlimited, on Amazon as ebooks or paperbacks

THE CURIOUS CURIOSITY There is a murder in the village,will Celia and her friends get to the bottom of it and will Celia survive her ordeal at Stragglers Bottom?

CELIA FINDS AN ANGEL. Strange goings on in the village see Celia ride to the rescue, she wished she had worn her double-gussets.

THE UNFURLED MOTH. Will Fred the last of the Dimmocks be the one to call time on the village pub. A family secret could ruin everything. Can Celia, Trixie & friends save it?


HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

Some say ‘A New Year, A New You ‘ but I’m quite happy with the old me.

So I won’t be joining a GYM, going on a DIET, or changing my HAIRSTYLE.

Anyway, it’s PANTOMIME time again and that usually BURNS off the XMAS CHOCOLATE FAT.

Yours Verymuchthesamely


p.s. My heart goes out to the Australian people and the other countries who have experienced natural disasters.

pps Here are a few of my Christmas hand knitted socks

Pppps. Good luck to those who are striving to change


Dear ladies and occasional gentleman, this was NEARLY the HEADLINE in our local paper after I had a SPECTACULAR FALL in the FOREST.

Ronald and I were on our way back through the FOREST with our two HAIRY little DOGS

When I suddenly found myself FLYING through the air and FACE-PLANTING down on the FOREST floor.

A SOFT landing you might think and yes it was except my KNEES landed on a HANDY THICK BRANCH that was laying across the pathway.

Ronald had a slight PANIC and SLID his arm UNDER my NECK and tried to LIFT me up half STRANGLING ME  in the process.


I wanted to lay there and assess the  DAMAGE,  which was difficult when someone is trying to HOICK you up by your NECK!

LEAVE ME! JUST LEAVE ME A MINUTE! I was trying to shout but it was only when hirsute Roley intervened did Ronald RELEASE my NECK.

That was THREE WEEKS AGO and my KNEES are still BLACK,  BLUE, PURPLE.

FUNNILY enough RONALD has a few BLACK and BLUE BRUISES too.

Yours Sorely



WRITING OR SOCK KNITTING yes my dear ladies and occasional gentleman I’m on the horns of a dilemma, whether to WRITE or whether to KNIT SOCKS!

My dear little ghostly writer is pushing me for my next adventure but these ADORABLE SOCKS are SIREN SINGING……………KNIT ME! KNIT ME! KNIT ME!

Oh well, head down for an hour and then let me at those SOCK NEEDLES and GORGEOUS SEASCAPE YARN.

Yours Busily



MOOOOOO! MOOOOOO! ACROPHOBIA. (Translated) HELP! HELP! ACROPHOBIA. My dear ladies and occasional gentleman this was the cry we heard (in BOVINE language) from the field next to our garden.

This chap had decided to CLIMB up on top of the hedge. Once up there he decided he didn’t like it and wanted to come down. 

So typical of a man, it takes all that effort to get up and only minutes to come down.

His FRIENDS tried to encourage him down but after managing to turn around he had frozen.

But don’t worry folks, like DOCTOR DOOLITTLE I can talk to the animals. 

Using my SPECIAL COW TALK (Ronald often remarks on my similarity) I was able to COAX the poor animal down.

Yours Bullocky


My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, today I had to speak to one of our HIGH STREET BANKS on the telephone. 

You will not be surprised to know that my call went from DEVON in England halfway around the world to NEW DELHI in India.

And it didn’t cost me a penny. It’s rare to be able to chat on the telephone across CONTINENTS in the middle of the day and all for free.

I spoke to a charming young lady who obviously had been trained by DAME JUDY DENCH when she was living in the MOST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL to be friendly and not to be afraid to go ‘OFF PISTE’ with the script.

After we had dealt with the boring bits we had a lovely little chat and I can say it was a very pleasant experience.

I do believe the dear young LADY paid my little ‘BLISS’* a visit yesterday, how kind. 
I do hope she visits again, it gives one a glimpse into an EXOTIC world so very different from my own.

My dear new INDIAN friend here are some pictures of beautiful Devon for you

Yours Exoticly

* I am sure you will agree my dear ladies and occasional gentleman that ‘BLOG’ is a rather vulgar sounding word, so I call mine a ‘BLISS’ so much lovelier don’t you think?

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