CLOWNS, CLOUROPHOBIA & CRIME, I must admit I didn’t realise how prolific CLOWNS are and also how many CRIME INCIDENTS there are involving CLOWNS.

Please all clowns, do not think that I have anything personally against you, although I do find you somewhat scary but I don’t present as being COULROPHOBIC. But I am glad that Ronald hasn’t felt compelled to take up ‘CLOWNING’ as a profession; even those his actions at times could be described as ‘CLOWNING AROUND’ . 

Fascinating new data has revealed that DEVON & CORNWALL POLICE dealt with TEN INCIDENTS INVOLVING ‘CLOWNS’ last year (Courtesy of North Devon Journal)

ImagePossibly we all need to be more aware of the possibility of ‘Danger from Clowns’. Perhaps there ought to be signs in our public areas.

My dear ladies and occasional gentlemen, please take care when going about your daily lives, I do not wish to make you paranoid but ‘BE AWARE, THERE ARE CLOWNS OUT THERE’

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