My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, last Saturday I journeyed to PLYMOUTH with my dear friend Gloria where we took advantage of the PARK AND RIDE.

After a little light shopping when I purchased a MONKEY, some STRAWBERRY INFUSED  VINEGAR, a COWBOY HAT and a pair of GOOGLE EYES; followed by a PAN ASIAN lunch and then,  the highlight of the day.

The WEST END show ‘WICKED’ at THE THEATRE ROYAL PLYMOUTH (photos courtesy of)


It was MAGICAL with FUNNY dialogue, a THRILLING SET and SPECIAL EFFECTS. The music is so good you think you know the songs and the exquisite costumes were STUNNING.

ASHLEIGH GRAY who plays ELPHABA has the most WONDERFUL voice and gave a powerful performance. EMILY TIERNEY who plays GLINDA has fantastic COMIC TIMING  and together they were a joy. Every single PERFORMER was a pleasure to watch, the singing, the dancing and the orchestra were brilliant.

If you have the chance to see this SHOW go, it will lift your spirits.

Unlike the GRUMPY BUS DRIVER who so RILED Gloria, she nearly gave him the DEVON version of the GLASGOW KISS!

#NOTE for those of you with a MUCKY MIND like Ronald:  A Park & Ride is where you park your car on the outside of a city and a bus takes you in to the city centre.

Although I wouldn’t have minded  a P & R with the HANDSOME young male lead FIYERO played by  SAMUEL EDWARDS in EXTREMELY TIGHT TROUSERS!

Yours Blushingly


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