My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, last Saturday I journeyed to PLYMOUTH with my dear friend Gloria where we took advantage of the PARK AND RIDE.

After a little light shopping when I purchased a MONKEY, some STRAWBERRY INFUSED  VINEGAR, a COWBOY HAT and a pair of GOOGLE EYES; followed by a PAN ASIAN lunch and then,  the highlight of the day.

The WEST END show ‘WICKED’ at THE THEATRE ROYAL PLYMOUTH (photos courtesy of)


It was MAGICAL with FUNNY dialogue, a THRILLING SET and SPECIAL EFFECTS. The music is so good you think you know the songs and the exquisite costumes were STUNNING.

ASHLEIGH GRAY who plays ELPHABA has the most WONDERFUL voice and gave a powerful performance. EMILY TIERNEY who plays GLINDA has fantastic COMIC TIMING  and together they were a joy. Every single PERFORMER was a pleasure to watch, the singing, the dancing and the orchestra were brilliant.

If you have the chance to see this SHOW go, it will lift your spirits.

Unlike the GRUMPY BUS DRIVER who so RILED Gloria, she nearly gave him the DEVON version of the GLASGOW KISS!

#NOTE for those of you with a MUCKY MIND like Ronald:  A Park & Ride is where you park your car on the outside of a city and a bus takes you in to the city centre.

Although I wouldn’t have minded  a P & R with the HANDSOME young male lead FIYERO played by  SAMUEL EDWARDS in EXTREMELY TIGHT TROUSERS!

Yours Blushingly



TO VEST OR NOT TO VEST, that is the question? We have had the warmest September since records began, it has been really HOT this week.

Today is the 1st day of October and the WEATHER has turned! It is cloudy and definitely cooler, for the first time this SUMMER I have dressed in LINEN trousers with a 3/4 length sleeve BLOUSE and CARDIGAN.

It is now mid-day and has warmed up, so it looks like October may be warm, hooray!

It may be sometime till I get my VEST out.

Yours warmily



Having been invited to a GARDEN PARTY Ronald and I were PRIMPING ourselves up for the event. Ronald looked smart but casual in a linen shirt and chinos, topped off with a rather SUAVE STRAW HAT.

I wore a new beautifully patterned skirt in different shades of BLUEand a dark blue T with a sheer white shirt over.

Having spent time on my MAKE-UP and especially my HAIR I was ready and presented myself to Ronald for his APPRAISAL.

“Hmmm” said Ronald “I should try going through THE HEDGE FRONTWARDS next time”

As if that wasn’t enough to DENT my EGO, whilst enjoying my first glass of RHINELAND HOCK and a CHIT-CHAT, a guest informed me that MINE HOSTS had named not a ROSE but a duck after me!

Yours Afrontedly



Ladies, ladies I’ve gone all hip-hop and funky. I bought myself a hat today. A rather fetching number in pale sage (the same colour I want to paint the summerhouse) with two flowery buttons either side of a peak with a flower pattern underneath. It is rather racy but perfect to wear when I have the top down on my little car to keep the sun out of my eyes.

I bought my hat in a surfy shop how daring am I? The thing is I had my mother with me and she insisted on buying the same hat but in chocolate brown. She stuck it on her head at a jaunty angle and demanded to be taken to Asda for some ‘Trill’. I only left her for a few minutes to get her some custard tarts, when I got back she was sat astride the handles of her walker being pushed by a nervous young supermarket worker shouting “faster faster!” It took me a few minutes to catch up and relieve him of this geriatric Boudicea. She sulked all the way home.

Yours funkily



What a beautiful day ladies it was so hot I broke out my thongs. Now I know some of you will disapprove and some of you will say that they are uncomfortable. Mine are a pretty peach colour and look lovely against a lightly tanned skin.

Ronald is quite a fan and although these days I need a slightly larger size than I once did, I think a lady of a certain age can still carry off the look.

Walking little Roley this afternoon was a joy with the sun shining, the birds singing and all the lovely wild flowers out. There might have been the odd twinge of discomfort but it was worth it.

Yours Sunnily



Ladies I expect you are excited as I am and cannot wait to see the new Steven Soderbergh (unfortunate name I would have dropped the first syllable)film, ‘Behind The Candelabra’. Fantastic triumvirate of Liberace, Michael Douglas and Matt Damon.

Liberace I have read was a true gentleman and well known for his kindness and he loved his mother.

Don’t we just love a bit of camp ladies? The diamante, fur, feathers and witty repartee. Wouldn’t you just love to have Rupert Everett for dinner? Not to eat of course as a guest. Can you just imagine the wicked conversation and bitchy gossip?

Who can forget the hilarious ‘Jules & Sandy’ from ‘Round The Horn’.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who covets some of Dame Edna’s outfits. Come to think of it I think I have something similar in my wardrobe. Roll on the Queens garden party.

Yours in Feathers


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