My dear ladies and occasional gentleman I returned from a very lovely AFTERNOON TEA with friends to discover Ronald had VACUUMED and WASHED all the floors.

What a WONDERFUL husband I hear you all SHOUT and you are correct and I thanked him accordingly.

Then with a HANGDOG faced he FESSED UP and showed me this:

Apparently  our new GTECH VACUUM CLEANER is as the ADVERT says not only lightweight and cordless but POWERFUL!

POWERFUL enough to SUCK UP, CHEW AND SPIT OUT a sleeve of the baby jacket I had just finished KNITTING for a nephews impending baby.

I suppose I should be thankful the GTECH survived and it was just one sleeve!

Out come the knitting needles again.

Ronald has had a bit of making up to do.

Yours Knittingly



A TIT IN THE HOUSE I have my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, and it’s not Ronald
Although you might be fooled into thinking so image

As here he is cleaning the SHOWER.

The TIT I am referring to is a BLUE one and I am thrilled that it has decided to NEST in my little RUSSIAN BIRD HOUSE.


Yours Chirpily



I would be thrilled if my dear ladies and occasional gentleman would care to read my book, written in collaboration with my dear friend. Available as an ebook (how exciting) and a paperback.



Who would have thought that MURDER would have visited sleepy little St Urith Without Well and who would have thought that I would get involved and poor little Hirsute Roley.

Enjoy reading about the colourful characters who reside in our parish, set in the beautiful North Devon countryside



  A robin can mean many things, a loved one passed is saying hello, a bringer of good luck, a bringer of new beginnings, hope, or one of natures beautiful bounties that make us all smile..
My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, may I wish you seasons greetings and send you all warm and scrumptious love and hugs from the Ladygarden residence. 

For those of you who may be alone and for those who find Christmas a difficult time,  just remember I will be thinking of you all in our special ‘bliss’  family. (blog is such a vulgar word)

Remember it is only two days out of the year, don’t stress, relax it will pass, hopefully not like a kidney stone.

We must look forward to a new year with hope and perhaps with a resolution to be kinder to each other.  We all have our down days how much better would it make us feel if someone said something kind or did a kind deed.

Let’s try to say something nice to at least one person everyday, or give a helping hand with a task.

I am going to say something nice to Ronald in a minute, I’m going to thank him for cleaning the cooker. That’s a kind deed. What a little treasure he is.

See you all next year.

Yours Christmassy



20140305-073318-pm.jpgAPOLOGIES & ROLLS

My dear ladies and the occasional gentlemen I am MORTIFIED and I apologise to you all. I had no idea when I wrote to you yesterday that I would unintentionally use a word that had another CONNOTATION.

I will not say the word but I will spell it D.O.G.G.I.N.G. you will not hear it from my lips again.

On a more pleasant note, I thought you might like to see my AIRING CUPBOARD. I like a tidy airing cupboard. As you can see my TEA TOWELS are folded square and are in a stack on the left. The middle stack are kitchen HAND TOWELS and the stack on the right are BATHROOM HAND TOWELS.

Let’s move on to the BATH TOWELS don’t they look pretty. I fold them in half then half again and then ROLL them up from the open end. You will end up with a NEAT ROLL which will stack without falling in a heap. You can remove any one you choose even from the bottom, another will just ROLL into its place.

It has taken me years to teach Ronald how I like to ROLL but he is ACCOMPLISHED now.

Yours Rollily


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