What fun my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, Ronald and I have been spending a few days in the COTSWOLDS, with my lovely daughter-in-law and son.

On Friday we attended a SPRING FAYRE in the garden of a very lovely lady, who opened her home and garden for the event in aid of the local CHURCH.

What a lot of YUMMY-MUMMYS and how LOVELY, GLOSSY and BEAUTIFULLY dressed they were. Tripping about amongst the flowers and over the miniature MOAT. Dangling their ROSY-CHEEKED babies and watching their DARLING CHILDREN chase amongst the DAISYS.

PONY-RIDES, name the twin LAMBS and a RAFFLE plus a lovely lunch or TEA and CAKES were on offer, all whilst the SUN was thankfully shining.

Enjoying a lively chat on the lawn with some of the LOVELY LADIES, whilst waiting for the RAFFLE to be drawn, I heard the magic words “I THINK IT’S WINE O’CLOCK” , as WINE GLASSES, ICE-CUBES and WINE appeared. It was only 3 O’Clock perfect.

Yours Springily




Oh what a night! The RAIN was lashing down, the WIND was howling when all of a sudden an incredible EXPLOSION of sound accompanied a sky-illuminating FLASH, followed by BALL LIGHTNING bouncing across the field, scattering the poor BULL and his CONCUBINES. 

Our power went off and I ran out to make sure the poor beasts were OK or if I needed to call the Farmer. They were terrified and making distressed noises, I called to them and tried to calm them down as they huddled together against the fence, the great Bull’s shoulders heaving with fear, the cows pushing against his flanks.

The next minute I’m woken up by the sound of the CHURCH BELLS ringing out.

“Ronald WAKE-UP! the church bells are ringing it must mean somethings happened, WAKE-UP!

All I could think was that the LIGHTNING  must have started a fire in the village and the church bells were ringing out a warning.

“What? I can’t hear anything”

“The Bells, the church bells!” I realise now I must have sounded like QUASIMODO.

“Silence that’s all I can hear, you must have been dreaming”

Of course I wasn’t dreaming. I get up and open the window – SILENCE – I couldn’t believe it – SILENCE. I went through to the sitting room and looked out of the window with the torch – NO COWS. I remembered then they had been taken in for the winter. By the time I climbed back into bed even little hirsute Roley had woken up and climbed onto the bed, hiding under the comforter wondering what the heck was going on.

“Sorry, it all seemed so real, the lightning, the bells”  I don’t know if it was something I had eaten before I went to bed, or if it was watching the news with its warning of loss of life due to HIGH TIDES, HIGH WINDS AND MORE RAIN. 

Ronald wasn’t amused at first “It will take me hours to go back to sleep now” but then he saw the funny side thankf…….zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yours Sleepily



ROLEY’S REPRIEVE, yes I can confirm Roley’s ASBO has been lifted.

Whilst taking our afternoon walk and meeting various villagers and catching up on the LOCAL GOSSIP, I happened to notice a D.O.G enter the CHURCHYARD. It is allowed because it’s owner locks up the church, it was a quiet old dog, just plodding along with it’s human.

It turns out this ASBO should have been applied to a much larger dog than Roley and apparently this dog had been chasing around the CHURCHYARD when someone had been placing flowers on a GRAVE and something had been knocked over, causing some upset. So the notice was put up to stop this happening.

Now my dear ladies and the occasional gentleman, Ronald and I went out to purchase some new bed linen and curtains for our bedroom this morning. He is putting up the curtains and has lost his FINIAL must dash!




Thank you to TERRY PRATCHETT for this wonderful expression which was so apt for my lady friend Gloria.

My picture yesterday showed the ingredients I had bought for my flower DECORATION but what was missing were the ROSES and the GYPSOPHILA. So I telephoned Gloria who luckily enough was purchasing her FLOWERS and was kind enough to say she would purchase mine as well. Unfortunately as I telephoned, her KNICKERS were struggling to fight against GRAVITY and were heading for her knees threatening to arrive at her ankles. Hence “There’s many a slip twixt dress and drawers” as NANNY OGG would say. Poor Gloria was struggling with her mobile, flowers and UNDERWEAR but she is a determined LADY.

Hope you think my ‘WEDDING CAKE’ flower display is good enough to put in the CHURCH window.

Yours Floraly


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