My dear ladies and occasional gentleman as you all know HER MAJ is a dear friend of mine and I must say as we approach the YULETIDE SEASON she has excelled herself.
This arrived in the POST on Friday.


I was a tad surprised to receive her CHRISTMAS CARD so early and I am afraid I took her to task. “It’s only the 21st of November” I chided her.

She replied (a little churlishly I thought) ” Oh it’s DUKEY, he’s always been a little PREMATURE!”

I thought it wise not to comment.

Yours Unseasonaly



The last of the visitors have gone, Ronald is making a fish pie and I am sat with my feet up enjoying a cheeky little German whiteimage
I am resisting the impulse to rip the Christmas cards off the walls and pack the tree and decorations away. Although my dear mum has passed, her words and SUPERSTITION are programmed into me. I know that I just cannot take anything down until 12th Night for fear of bad luck; even though I am a rational lady and it is 2014!

Hirsute Roley has taken himself off to bed, sulking because everybody has left and the last of the turkey has gone. I don’t think Ronald is sulking, it just takes him about 3 hours to make a fish pie. Oh well time for another glass.

Time to look forward, I asked Ronald if he had made any NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. He said “no” so I gave him some; after all everyone needs something to aim for and if he has none of his own he can do mine!

I am also considering our holiday this year, proof that I have been brain-washed by all those holiday adverts that start on Boxing Day.

TAI CHI for Ronald and me, starting tomorrow, gentle exercise, just what we need for our post-Christmas bodies besides I think we need to get our CHAKRAS in sync. He’s been selfishly looking after his own CHAKRA during the festive seashon

Goodnesh don’t know where the wane went but the fash pie ishn’t heerr yet might ash will fishin the bottle

Yorsh Tippsilly



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman I expect like myself and Ronald you are winding down from Christmas and winding up for the NEW YEAR celebrations. We have returned home after a very lovely Yuletide one of the highlights being the MIDNIGHT MASS. 

Just before we journeyed north for Christmas we had our own CAROL CONCERT in the village and I read a reading in my own inimitable THESPIAN LADY manner. The CHOIR were singing in the stalls, the congregation were singing a beat or two behind and the organist was at least 5 beats behind us. It was like a mad Christmas MADRIGAL! We in the  congregation tried to slow down to match the organ but that didn’t work, the choir tried to speed things up so we joined them and then the ORGANIST decided to CHANGE KEY half-way through a verse. It was impossible to suppress the giggles even the VICAR had a smirk on his face. Somehow we all managed to finish the carols but not necessarily together.

just to balance the scales the COTSWOLDS Christmas Mass was conducted at break-neck speed! The church was picture perfect, lit only by candles in chandeliers, the light flickering against the ancient stones and the wax gently plopping on the congregation below. If I angle myself right I cN get my moustache waxed at the same time!

I have never sung Christmas carols so fast in my life which was quite tricky for me as I had forgotten my glasses and was singing from memory. I came unstuck when singing the wrong verse at full volume in a quiet moment.

Morello seemed to find it amusing and snorted through the next verse.

I think it must have been the vicar’s birthday as well as Baby Jesus’s, the speedy service could only mean one thing, HE WAS ON A PROMISE!

Luck Vicar I say as the only promise I was on was finding Ronald 6 sheets to the wind on my return. When I left him he was into CHIEF STOKER mode, plying the poor wood burner with more logs than it could chew in a month and in the other hand a large GIN!
Our son had proudly told us that he had enough logs till the end of February, OH NO YOU DON’T. You’ll be lucky if they last till NEW YEAR!

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman I must be off as I am dressing up and off out for the celebrations. I will be glad to see the back of 2013 and I am looking forward to 2014.

Hello to you lovely SAGA readers who have been recommended to take a look, I hope you enjoy reading my BLISS (I don’t like the word Blog it’s too vulgar)

Thank you all my lovely readers for following me, reading my little BLISS and leaving lovely comments.

I hope to share with you my resolutions for the new year, my adventures with my best friend Veronica, Ronald’s little bits, tales of hirsute Roley, Harold the CROSS-DRESSING librarian, Gwendoline, Theresa, Gloria and all my other wonderful LADY-FRIENDS.

Yours Very Happy New Yearly


p.s. If I can work the technology I will share photographs and videos. See you next year Cx



CHRISTMAS IN THE COTSWOLDS. Yes dear ladies and the occasional gentleman, Ronald, hirsute Roley and I are here celebrating Christmas in the COTSWOLDS.  

However we did wonder on our hazardous journey yesterday if we would be spending it in a SEASONALLY DECORATED SERVICE STATION with nothing but a HORSEMEAT BURGER and an OVER-PROCESSED DOUGHNUT for our Christmas dinner! But due to Ronald’s dogged determination (picked up from Roley no doubt) we did manage to arrive at our destination.

We only fell out once during our trip when we stopped at a SEASONALLY DECORATED SERVICE STATION for a comfort break. Ronald went first as he is a man and does not possess the self-control us ladies have. He returned and as he took hirsute Roley for a tiddle and I left for the ladies his parting shot was “DON’T BE TOO LONG”

Well! I am sure dear ladies you share my outrage, did I set a timescale on his absence? NO I DID NOT! I merely sat waiting patiently till his return, did I demand to go first? NO I DID NOT! It takes as long as it takes to walk there achieve your goals and return. It always takes longer for us ladies as there is usually a queue, for the toilets, the washbasin and the drier. Plus there was some very interesting goings on with a family which involved small red plastic bowls being filled with water at the basins and taken into the toilet. I decided I did not want to know what was occurring.

It took a further 23 miles of travelling and an apology from Ronald before I decided I could converse with him again.

On our Arrival we were greeted with a log fire, damson gin and a superb dinner, we are ready for Christmas.

So my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, we wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and PEACE HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FOR THE COMING YEAR.




TITS, TAMBOUR, TENTIGINOUS, THEURGY AND TATERS, yes dear ladies and the occasional  gentleman, since we last chatted I have experienced all of the above.

I apologise for the unladylike word TITS, I blame Veronica. In our recent sell-out show, she unashamedly performed a poem about her TITS, I tried to persuade her to use BOSOMS instead but to no avail. However it made me think when I woke up and peeped under the duvet:

This morning I was quite distressed

As I lay eu-naturelle in bed

To note my breasts go East and West

Not upright, pert as in my head

So help is needed but do I go for ‘TILLY’S TAMBOUR or ‘VICTORIA’S SECRET’? In order to remain TENTIGINOUS to dear Ronald and bearing in mind it is our WEDDING ANNIVERSARY on the 18th December what would you dear ladies and the occasional gentleman advise me?

Keep this a secret but I am KNITTING Ronald for Christmas an all-in-one undergarment up to the neck and with long sleeves and long legs. The pattern calls for 2 PLY SILK but I didn’t have any, so I am using an ORGANIC FREE-RANGE ARAN TWILL with some of hirsute Roley’s hair to soften it, I’m hoping it won’t tickle him in the sparklers. The reason for the garment is that Ronald is experiencing THERMAESTHESIA after his recent violent allergic reaction.

A few words about  ‘THE FANNYS’ show, we haven’t finished counting yet but it looks with the help of THEURGY  we have raised a substantial amount to go to ‘THE NEW CHEMOTHERAPY UNIT APPEAL’. Our audiences were wonderful, the atmosphere was incredible and we have been hearing lovely comments since the show; how some people have been having a difficult time, some are poorly, some have lost family and friends and some who just came along for an evening out. They have said how they laughed until their jaws ached, how they were able to forget their problems for a little while. Apologies to the lady who forgot to wear her Tenna Lady and had to sit on her coat when she wet herself with laughter. It is a privilege to be a part of THE FANNYS an amazing group of ladies of a certain age who still have youth on their side.

Finaly ladies, last night I went to CHRISTMAS BINGO raising funds for the village CRICKET team. I am not the best at Bingo, I get a bit panicky as everyone takes it so seriously and there are rules about when to call. All evening I watched all the wonderful prizes being won,CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATES AND BISCUITS IN LOVELY VICTORIAN STYLE TINS, GIANT HAMS AND FREE-RANGE TURKEYS and what did I win? A 5.5 LB BAG OF TATERS (POTATOES)! Please do not think I am ungrateful but really!

Well I am off to peel those spuds or perhaps we will have Jacket Potatoes, then to finish writing the village pantomime.

FISHOOKS! Just noticed that I have turned two pages by mistake on my knitting pattern and completely missed the opening in the front of Ronald’s onesie, oh well he will just have to practise self-control, that’ll stop him peeing in the garden!

Yours Busily


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