Oh dear! My dear ladies and occasional gentlemen, it has been a funny old day. It started well when my dear friend Theresa called for her plants. It is her BIRTHDAY so we had a lovely chat and I gave her a little present of some KNITTED SLIPPERS and a card.

Ronald popped into town and bought a CHICKEN announcing that he would cook dinner. I prepared the potatoes whilst he was away and then sat at my lap-top to do some more FAMILY RESEARCH.

Ronald started cooking at 12 MID-DAY, there were lots of questions regarding cooking times but it all started to go wrong when he thought that 90minutes was 1 hour 10 minutes. Now he is an intelligent man but when it comes to COOKING his brains seem to go for a walk.

There was lots of banging and clanking and the oven door must have been opened and closed about 20 times. Then Ronald appeared with about 60% of his Moustache shaved off, presumably with a CHEESEGRATER as it was so patchy.

Why would you SHAVE your MOUSTACHE in the middle of cooking dinner?

At 4 o’clock I went into the kitchen and made the GRAVY. The dinner finally arrived at 4.35. It was DELICIOUS! But whilst eating it was difficult to control the giggles when facing a partially hirsute CHEF!

Yours Amusedly


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