My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, life is funny. This morning I went into town to meet my dear friend Veronica.

Walking along the street from her cottage we came across a small fold up OAK CHAIR, a plastic CAT BASKET and a GNOME. All outside of a cottage with the front door open and inside a gentleman sat in an ARMCHAIR, with a mug of TEA, a small ELECTRIC FIRE and the RACING POST.

Whilst we were FERRETING in the CHARITY shop a lady came in and said to the young man “you gave me a cuddle yesterday, so I’ve come back in for another one”.

We then shared a rather tasty COFFEE AND WALNUT cake and cup of COFFEE before walking back, when we came across an UNEXPECTED CUCUMBER sat on a doorstep.

If there had been accompanying SALAD that would have been fine but a LONE CUCUMBER!

Yours Suspiciously


My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, today I met an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a long while. Actually we were both having a RUMMAGE in the CHARITY shop. It was lovely to see her and catch up.

She did rather SHOCK me though when she told me that on IMPULSE she had purchased a ‘BONGO’ and apparently she and her husband are at it most weekends. It sounds exhausting but she looked quite CHIPPER.

She was so ANIMATED and excited when she was telling me about it, that I think I need to INVESTIGATE further.

I shall be CAUTIOUS after the BALLOON TECHNIQUE incident.

Yours Cautiously



Dear ladies and the occasional gentleman, what a lovely day . As you know I was meeting my dear friend Veronica for a LADIES LIGHT LUNCHEON.

We decided we needed a little SEA AIR and made our genteel way to the SEASIDE. “What was this?” Veronica cried making an EMERGENCY STOP. After I had disentangled myself from my handbag and a couple of UNKNOWN ARTICLES that had shot over my head with the KINETIC ENERGY generated by the enforced stop.

The road to the SEASIDE was closed! How very annoying! But have no fear my lovely ladies and the occasional gentleman, there is always another way.

Oh that first glimpse of the WHITE HORSES galloping to shore and washing over the golden sand. It lifts your HEART, the OCEAN.

After parking the car our first stop was the CHARITY SHOP and I was thrilled to find a 1980’s KNITTING BOOK, I know you are all jealous.

We then went to a SEAFRONT GALLERY with all sorts of interesting GOODIES. We had a pleasant chat with the lovely LADY PROPRIETOR. Although I was a little disconcerted when talking about her stock, she said “I’VE GOT A 6 FOOT HORSE OUT THE BACK” and thought it was time we left, Veronica’s TUMMY was doing THE SAILORS HORNPIPE by this time which meant lunch was due.

We entered the delightful TEA-ROOMS and Veronica glancing to her right said to the poor innocent man lunching with his wife “OH WHAT LARGE SCONES YOU HAVE!” Before his wife, who was looking a little cross at this remark could reach Veronica, I steered her away to a little table the other side of the room.

We were sharing a delicious POT OF TEA when we were joined by a little girl of about 3. from the next table. Who unfortunately had the same dress on as Veronica. I do believe a mature women has to be a little cautious about DENIM. Of course Veronica was hoping she would move away but the little girl decided she had an IMAGINARY FRIEND in the chair next to Veronica. I thought they looked quite sweet together, she was like a MINI ME Veronica.
I don’t think Veronica thought it was sweet.

Yours Amusedly



20140213-081343 pm.jpg
As you can see my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, HIRSUTE ROLEY is snuggled in for the duration. I think he has the right idea.
Have all the POUND SHOPS/STORES etc taken over our HIGH STREETS along with CHARITY SHOPS? It seems that the brand new goods in these shops are cheaper at a £1 a pop than the items in the Charity Shops which have become more EXPENSIVE.

It is a TOPSY-TURVY WORLD. Especially after the HURRICANE FORCE WINDS. In the village there are fences down, sheds blown away, along with trampolines, toys, chairs, bins and small animals.

We were treated to the strange sight of a CROW trying to fly in an easterly direction, being blown by the wind in a westerly direction and looking like it was being DANGLED BY A PIECE OF STRING outside of our window.

Yours Windily



Good afternoon my lovely ladies and occasional gentleman. Hello to all my new readers, how flattered am I that you enjoy my little BLISS. Hello to a lovely lady, Barbara over the pond in AUSTIN, TEXAS and hello to a new occasional gentleman Eli, all the way from Australia. I cannot mention you all but I will if you feel like commenting or want a chat.

This morning I visited my friend VERONICA, Oh what fun we had.
Veronica was teaching me how to make BATH-BOMBS, an unfortunate name I prefer BATH-MELTS, not so explosive. She is a clever little ALCHEMIST with her ESSENTIAL OILS and other wonderful ingredients.

Afterwards we went out for a LADIES LIGHT LUNCH, how lovely. Followed by a FORAGE (Veronica has a bent for it) in the CHARITY SHOPS.

It is interesting who you see skulking around the ladies section, people who would rather have you believe their garments came from JOHN LEWIS! We did meet some of our lady-friends and had a jolly chat, what fun.

Veronica is an expert at WHIPPING HER CLOTHES OFF in a small space. She found a very CHIC ‘ELLA MODA linen dress for me and a LAURA ASHLEY for herself. I discovered a LOOSE LINEN top for Ronald very OUZO, he likes a bit of GREEK.

I must dash, we are off out for a SKITTLES DINNER this evening, we’ve been invited because Ronald plays when the local team are a man short.

Yours Dressingupidly




I am becoming addicted toTHE FATHER BROWN MYSTERIES! on BBC1. It is set in the late 1940’s with all of the POST-WAR GLAMOUR. The dresses and hats are marvelous. The dresses have the most interesting prints and are beautifuly tailoured. They were designed with REAL  women in mind, to enhance their womanly shape and celebrate the fact they have boobs, bums and hips!

I am a REAL WOMAN. I think I should wear more of this era of clothing.

Kirsty Allsopp adopts the 1940’s style of dresses, I think she should add hats to her vintage look. No doubt she would be able to make her own, after all she UPCYCLES everything. She would probably UPCYCLE one from an old LAURA ASHLEY cushion bought from the RED CROSS shop, unpicked with some of the stuffing taken out, a bit of RIC-RAC BRAIDING and a couple of silk flowers and FANNYS your aunt.

That my dear ladies and the occasional gentleman has given me an idea perhaps Veronica and I can actually make some new SPRING HATS using this idea and if we are really clever we could video it like those clever people do on YOU TUBE. Although I do struggle with the TECHNOLOGY  so I cannot promise anything.

Veronica is the QUEEN of foraging so when I am planning a foray into the CHARITY SHOPS I nearly always go with her.

Although thinking about the QUEEN it is about this time of the year dear Elizabeth casts her knowing eyes over her SPRING WARDROBE and BLESS HER, she often sends a lackey with an outfit she thinks will suit me that has appeared on too many STATE VISITS.

Yours Creatively



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