My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, we are celebrating in the Ladygarden residence. Dear Morello has been HEAD-HUNTED (such a vulgar expression) and today she accepted their offer.

So as you can see we have popped those CHAMPAGNE corks and celebrated. This is my favourite CHAMPAGNE and quite honestly it is my drink of choice.

If only we still used HORSE and CARRIAGE to travel about I would drink it every day.

Yours Bubbily



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman to return to the SPA afternoon…..

We all met at Karena’s house a beautiful example of RETRO STYLE and good taste. As we were leaving I could hear her regaling Veronica with a tale. She was saying she had her husband check for STRAY STRAGGLERS on the backs of her legs that she may have missed. Understandable when you know you will be revealing all in a spa.

Apparently he used HONEY AND BROWN SUGAR to remove said hairs. I assumed this was a speciality form of SUGURING, perhaps the HONEY helped the healing process and softened the skin.

Perhaps I should try this but I don’t think Ronald would like to be up to his armpits in STICKY.

It was only when we were in the HOT TUB sipping CHAMPAGNE and I mentioned to Karena that I had never heard of this technique, she revealed that she had been talking about the HAM they had eaten for dinner!

What a relaxing day with good friends, swimming in a warm pool, sauna, hot tub and a wonderful facial and head massage. Which made me look like a lobster who had stuck a claw in the socket as my hair was standing at right-angles to my head with a dopey smile on my face.

I couldn’t see myself so was puzzled when the others were reduced to hysterics on my appearance but heigh-ho.

Yours Relaxedly


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