Ladies I hope you are all maintaining dignified and ladylike behaviour in this hot weather. I am sure like me the heat makes you relax, feel free, and more sensuous. Do make sure you have the correct underwear. No nasty nylon lace, polyester satin, or heaven forbid thongs. Nobody wants a soggy bottom!

I know some of you ladies like to keep things trim or even no trim at all. But it’s cotton all the way in the Ladygarden residence, I cannot recommend it highly enough. But for those extra hot days I think we should remain as nature intended. ‘DON’T GET BAK-ED GET NAK-ED’.

Yours Freely



How much do I love my KINDLE? They are so much easier to read in bed than a book. I can increase the size of the print ( how good it would be if we could increase the size of things with the push of a button) which means I can read over Ronald’s shoulder without my glasses on, more romantic.

It was all fine until last night I was really engrossed, you know how it is when you are down to your last few pages “Kinsey was pressed up against the Xerox hardly daring to breathe. David and his GK9 was searching for her in the dark” BANG a mug of tea was SLAMMED down on my bedside table and Ronald stormed back out of the room. Well I didn’t know he had stopped.

This morning Ronald is sulking.

Yours In The Doghouse


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