Ladies, ladies I’ve gone all hip-hop and funky. I bought myself a hat today. A rather fetching number in pale sage (the same colour I want to paint the summerhouse) with two flowery buttons either side of a peak with a flower pattern underneath. It is rather racy but perfect to wear when I have the top down on my little car to keep the sun out of my eyes.

I bought my hat in a surfy shop how daring am I? The thing is I had my mother with me and she insisted on buying the same hat but in chocolate brown. She stuck it on her head at a jaunty angle and demanded to be taken to Asda for some ‘Trill’. I only left her for a few minutes to get her some custard tarts, when I got back she was sat astride the handles of her walker being pushed by a nervous young supermarket worker shouting “faster faster!” It took me a few minutes to catch up and relieve him of this geriatric Boudicea. She sulked all the way home.

Yours funkily


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