My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, Hirsute Roley is in recovery.

This morning he insisted on walking down one of his favourite lanes and stopping at the little bridge across a stream. Suddenly he STOPPED DEAD, one little paw raised like a QUESTION MARK in the air, then he bravely crept around the bridge towards the water.

Stopping again in FEAR AND TERROR trembling, as a GIANT TROLL came out from under the bridge with a BIG STICK.

I scooped him up as a second GIANT TROLL came out from the other end of the bridge.

The to the rescue came the POSTMAN in his van and Hirsute Roley rallied as the post van slowed and a small meaty biscuit dropped into his mouth.

Who knew that the WATER WAYS employed GIANT TROLLS to clear underneath BRIDGES.

Yours Folderolly





Last night I attended the local WI QUIZ NIGHT in the village hall. Unfortunately as it was a last minute decision to go we struggled to form a team of six. Gloria and I went along and thought perhaps there may be some stragglers that we could connect with. When we arrived the hall was bursting at the seams with LOVELY LADIES AND ONE OR TWO OCCASIONAL GENTLEMAN. 

We paid our £4.50 and looked around for any STRAY LADIES  but they were all firmly in their LADY teams. We made our way up onto the stage to a spare table and sat like two NORA NO-MATES until an extremely pleasant lady who had just moved to the area and came along to meet some new people, joined us. What fun we had as we shared our FRENCH BREAD and SELECTION OF CHEESES meant for SIX people along with a pleasant little MERLOT.

There was a VIKING invader who tried to plunder our stash of bread but we soon repelled him with a swift stab of the cheese fork! He still managed to snaffle two pieces, BLAST HIM!

You will be amazed to know that we didn’t win but it is hardly surprising when all the other teams had SIX players. We thought that they should double our score as we were only THREE players.

Our worst round was identifying BRIDGES, yes I repeat BRIDGES!  We had to identify pictures of BRIDGES and picture number 5 had an INVISIBLE BRIDGE, you couldn’t even see it.

Now I have no objection to bridges they are very useful and some are indeed rather beautiful but how many of you could identify twenty of them?

It was a fun evening well organised and with some lovely ladies.

Yours Quizingly