My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, in these worrying times why not lose yourself in a BOOK.

These are ALL ABOUT ME and are guaranteed to whisk you off to beautiful DEVON and provide you with a few chuckles if not out loud belly-laughs.

Yours Bookily,


P.S Free on Kindle Unlimited, on Amazon as ebooks or paperbacks

THE CURIOUS CURIOSITY There is a murder in the village,will Celia and her friends get to the bottom of it and will Celia survive her ordeal at Stragglers Bottom?

CELIA FINDS AN ANGEL. Strange goings on in the village see Celia ride to the rescue, she wished she had worn her double-gussets.

THE UNFURLED MOTH. Will Fred the last of the Dimmocks be the one to call time on the village pub. A family secret could ruin everything. Can Celia, Trixie & friends save it?


THE UNFURLED MOTH? I hear you ask my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

Well it is the latest BOOK about me and Ronald and all my dear friends in our village, not forgetting Hirsute Roley and Polly the rescue.

I don’t know how she does it but my dear friend Glenda has been scribbling away jotting down my adventures and here is the result..

Its so versatile as you can read the PAPERBACK, EBOOK or on KINDLE UNLIMITED.

Yours Bookily


p.s. Sneeze into your elbows and wash your hands properly, there are some nasty germs about.



HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

Some say ‘A New Year, A New You ‘ but I’m quite happy with the old me.

So I won’t be joining a GYM, going on a DIET, or changing my HAIRSTYLE.

Anyway, it’s PANTOMIME time again and that usually BURNS off the XMAS CHOCOLATE FAT.

Yours Verymuchthesamely


p.s. My heart goes out to the Australian people and the other countries who have experienced natural disasters.

pps Here are a few of my Christmas hand knitted socks

Pppps. Good luck to those who are striving to change


PUDDING CLUB my dear ladies and occasional gentleman?

Yes I’m in, a whole evening of EATING nothing but PUDDINGS and drinking WINE.

I’m off to make a HOT CROSS BUN bread pudding.

Might I have acquired a PUDDING addiction?


GHOSTLY. WRITING my dear ladies and occasional gentleman well may you ask.

I’m back working with my dear ghostly writer friend on our NEXT BOOK  with the working title of:

‘ENS FER PETTIN’. Spellcheck is struggling with the DEVON DIALECT!

Yours Writingly



AN ANGEL IS NOT JUST FOR LIFE, IT’S FOR CHRISTMAS my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, what an ideal present a book is.  This story has an emotional and sad start but as it moves into the present day the past is resolved. Celia, her friends and other villagers caper through this adventure with lots of laughs along the way until she finds an Angel.

Celia Finds An Angel

Celia Finds an Angel (UK)
Our local small market town is hosting a ‘GRINCHMAS’ in  the first week of December, with MAKERS and their wonderful GIFTS on offer in our PANNIER market, CAROLS and lighting the CHRISTMAS tree in the square.

Do you think it’s acceptable for a woman of MY AGE to dress up as a LADY TROLL from WHOVILLE?

I’m positive it’s FINE , to wear a PINK WIG, SKATER SKIRT & PINK TIGHTS.

I’ve sorted a costume for Ronald  but he is being difficult about his TIGHTS!

Yours Grinchmasy


How Exciting!

EXCITING indeed my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

My dear friend RICHARD DEES the well know  SCI-FI with a humorous twist author (Andora Pett series a must read) has very kindly featured my dear friend Glenda Barnett in his INDIE SHOWCASE.

Many of you know Glenda is my little ghostly writer who pens my adventures and life in our village St Urith With Well in deepest DEVON.

Indie Showcase

Please click on the blue Indie Showcase.

Oops, there goes my LUNCH,  Ronald has just tipped my cup of SOUP down the sink. He thought it was the dregs of my TEA.

Yours Hungrily



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, my dear author friend has written another cracking book about me. Here’s the book and a few words from her. So proud.


I’m so excited to share with you…….

CELIA FINDS AN ANGEL published today as an ebook on Amazon.
Paperback to follow shortly.
This story will whisk you away to caper like a spring lamb through a small Devon village. Strong female characters take the lead in this funny and at times moving tale.
I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I loved writing it. The idea for the story started at a parish history exhibition at our local church, here in North Devon.

I’m downloading it on my Kindle Fire as we speak.

Yours Excitedly



SUMMER NIPPLE ALERT? Well you may ask my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

It’s SUMMER and we are all wearing our SUMMER JEWELLERY.

The lovely silver BRACELET in the picture, nearly SLICED my NIPPLE off whilst I was sleeping!


Yours Nippley


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