How Exciting!

EXCITING indeed my dear ladies and occasional gentleman.

My dear friend RICHARD DEES the well know  SCI-FI with a humorous twist author (Andora Pett series a must read) has very kindly featured my dear friend Glenda Barnett in his INDIE SHOWCASE.

Many of you know Glenda is my little ghostly writer who pens my adventures and life in our village St Urith With Well in deepest DEVON.

Indie Showcase

Please click on the blue Indie Showcase.

Oops, there goes my LUNCH,  Ronald has just tipped my cup of SOUP down the sink. He thought it was the dregs of my TEA.

Yours Hungrily



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, do you like to read? I know I do.
If you like to read and enjoy a good chuckle perhaps you might like to read this, a sci-fi comedy romp across the multiverse.


Yours Chucklingly


ps. Available on Amazon

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