20140305-073318-pm.jpgAPOLOGIES & ROLLS

My dear ladies and the occasional gentlemen I am MORTIFIED and I apologise to you all. I had no idea when I wrote to you yesterday that I would unintentionally use a word that had another CONNOTATION.

I will not say the word but I will spell it D.O.G.G.I.N.G. you will not hear it from my lips again.

On a more pleasant note, I thought you might like to see my AIRING CUPBOARD. I like a tidy airing cupboard. As you can see my TEA TOWELS are folded square and are in a stack on the left. The middle stack are kitchen HAND TOWELS and the stack on the right are BATHROOM HAND TOWELS.

Let’s move on to the BATH TOWELS don’t they look pretty. I fold them in half then half again and then ROLL them up from the open end. You will end up with a NEAT ROLL which will stack without falling in a heap. You can remove any one you choose even from the bottom, another will just ROLL into its place.

It has taken me years to teach Ronald how I like to ROLL but he is ACCOMPLISHED now.

Yours Rollily


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