BLOOMERS IN THE LADYGARDEN my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, yes it’s Spring and many of the plants in the garden are blossoming.

The first LIZARD appeared this afternoon and no I’m not talking about Ronald, his skin has gone all SUPPLE since I bought him NIVEA FOR MEN.

Don’t worry I put the LIZARD safely on a rock in the SUN, better for it than being chased by HIRSUTE ROLEY.

YOURS Springily


P.S. I popped in to beautiful INSTOW this morning, it was looking stunning with BLUE SEA and matching SKY and a lovely view across to pretty APPLEDORE.

PPS hello Wendy.

HAVE A CUP OF CHA! – It’s National Tea Day

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman here in dear old BLIGHTY it is NATIONAL TEA DAY, so I invite you all to SHARE A CUP OF TEA with me.

TEA is consolation when you are grieving.

TEA is sharing laughter and fun with your friends.

TEA makes you feel better when nothing else works.

TEA is refreshing when it’s hot.

TEA is warming when it’s cold.

TEA comes in many guises.

TEA should be FAIR TRADE.

TEA who doesn’t love a cuppa?

This is a picture of my lovely mum and her lovely sister taking tea in the garden in the 1950’s

Just a normal tea for them but look at the teapot, hot water jug, bone-china teacups and saucers, plates of triangled bread and butter,  jam in a dish, sliced homemade cake and a proper tablecloth pegged to the table.

So much better than a teabag in a mug.














Yours Tea-ily,



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman it is now 16 DAYS since SKECHERS SOLD Ronald an ODD PAIR OF SHOES.

The shop we purchased them from SKECHERS WESTGATE, OXFORD have still not sent the correct shoe.

SKECHERS UK suggested I email CUSTOMER SERVICES, which I did on the 4 April, NO RESPONSE (except to acknowledge receipt of email and tell me I now have a ticket!)

SADLY I think they DON’T CARE about Ronald having a £59 ODD PAIR OF SHOES

Interestingly SKECHERS have responded in 1 MINUTE to my new TWEET today, saying that CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS will get to my EMAIL or I could RING THEM.

They must have a lot of complaint emails if they still haven’t reached mine. 

I pointed out that I have PHONED the SHOP THREE TIMES, HEAD OFFICE TWICE, I think it’s TIME they PHONED ME.

Of course in the OLD DAYS the SHOP would have POSTED THE SHOE with a PREPAID LABEL for me to send the ODD SHOE back, as I suggested to the MANAGER

End of.


Yours Frustratedly



Have you ever paid £60 for a pair of ODD SHOES  my dear ladies and occasional gentleman? Ronald has!

We were spending a DELIGHTFUL weekend away in OXFORD when we discovered a SKECHERS shop in WESTGATE. Great, Ronald’s last PAIR are almost hanging off his feet.

We bought FOUR pairs.

A PAIR for me, a PAIR for our little granddaughter and TWO PAIRS for Ronald.


Home in NORTH DEVON Ronald DISCOVERED one of his ‘PAIRS’ of shoes was a SIZE 7 1/2 and one a size 8 1/2.

I phoned the SHOP, they PROMISED the MANAGER would ring me back. HE DIDN’T. I had to RING again.

Unfortunately THE PRIORITY for the SKECHERS shop was to get THEIR shoe back, MY PRIORITY as I pointed out to the young lady on the phone, was  getting  RONALD’S SHOE.

She suggested I take the shoe into their EXETER shop a round trip of eighty miles. I pointed out that apart from the time, petrol and parking Ronald would still only have ONE SHOE. 

The next suggestion was for me to POST THE SHOE  with my RECEIPT and when it arrived they would post RONALD’S SHOE.

After TWO telephone calls to the shop, TWO to head office,  FINALLY the shop manager did eventually call me.

A WEEK later Ronald still has ODD SHOES.

WARNING! When you buy SKECHERS check the sizes before you leave the shop.

The ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM is wonderful, do visit if you are in OXFORD. 

Yours Cobberly



MOUSES MAYHEM & MUSINGS, my dear ladies and occasional gentleman what a day it has been and it’s only 4.0’clock!

I had planned a full day of WRITING, interspersed with homemade SOUP and followed by a PANTOMIME rehearsal this evening.

Instead I heard a whoosh and DISCOVERED WATER from the DISHWASHER pouring into the cupboard under the sink.

At the same time I DISCOVERED MOUSE DROPPINGS under the sink.

Ronald DISCOVERED a MOUSE had chewed a HOLE in the DISHWASHER pipe.

Ronald went to buy a new pipe for the DISHWASHER.

I walked the two FURBABIES in the SNOW. We were about 2/3rds of the way around the village when the LEAD broke on our new little RESCUE Polly.

Polly was rescued from a PUPPY FARM and has LOTS to LEARN, like her NAME, RECALL, SIT, etc, at present her DEFAULT walk is to KEEP GOING.

The good news is POLLY is SAFE, DISHWASHER is WORKING, WATER mopped up, DROPPINGS cleared.

I’m TEMPTED to put some CHEESE down, I’d prefer they ate that next time.

Yours Mousily