Celia Ladygarden

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, in my little ‘BLISS’ (I don’t like the name BLOG it’s so vulgar) I aim to share with you my little homilies about life. Hoping in my own small way to put a smile on your face and bring a little cheer. Below are a few hints and tips that you may find useful:

Always Lime with your Gin and Tonic.

Always white toilet paper (what were they thinking when they decided to print puppies, flowers etc).

Always wear  trousers up to your waist, and your top down to your waist. Unless you are under 10 years of age a muffin top should be kept to cup-cakes.

Always be kind, there is no excuse for unpleasantness.

Always drink tea out of a bone china cup and saucer.

Always wear a brassiere or a vest even if you are proud of your pert bust. You may like admiring it in a mirror but other people may not want to see it over their coffee and a Hob-Knob.

Always paint your toe-nails from the 1st of April, optional for gentlemen.

Always use hand-cream, nobody likes to hold hands with an Asphalt roof.

Always write thank you letters for gifts or acts of kindness, this applies to adults as well as children.

Always try and take a little exercise every day, Ronald and I always do.

Always store your handbags in old pillow-slips or cloth bags to protect them.

Always use a handkerchief in public, tissues may be used in the home.

Always clean your toilet with rubber-gloves, paper towels and disinfectant. NEVER use or keep a toilet brush.

Always read a little every day, we can always learn something new.

14 thoughts on “Celia Ladygarden

  1. Oh, such puns and double entendres from a lady!

    Celia, I would like to cordially invite you when you are free of other social engagements for tea at: firsttimebloggeruk.wordpress.com for social discourse and a Hob Knob.



    • Dear Firsttimeblogger,
      How sweet of you to invite me over for a Hob Knob unfortunately I haven’t been able to eat one since Mr Perkins at No.23 offered me one at the gardening club. It was only when I was on the last bite, he informed me that he had sucked all the chocolate off as he didn’t think I needed the extra calories!.
      I am always ready for a cup of tea however.
      Considering you have only just started your blog, you are doing awfully well. I do hope you keep it up, work and family allowing. I understand your reluctance to provide a photograph of yourself but perhaps you would give us your name even if it is a nomination de plume.
      Thank you for visiting and following my little ‘Bliss’ I am sure we will enjoy a few chats over tea. Must go went to a curry and quiz last night, feeling a little delicate this morning.
      Yours Groggily


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