My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, in these worrying times why not lose yourself in a BOOK.

These are ALL ABOUT ME and are guaranteed to whisk you off to beautiful DEVON and provide you with a few chuckles if not out loud belly-laughs.

Yours Bookily,


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THE CURIOUS CURIOSITY There is a murder in the village,will Celia and her friends get to the bottom of it and will Celia survive her ordeal at Stragglers Bottom?

CELIA FINDS AN ANGEL. Strange goings on in the village see Celia ride to the rescue, she wished she had worn her double-gussets.

THE UNFURLED MOTH. Will Fred the last of the Dimmocks be the one to call time on the village pub. A family secret could ruin everything. Can Celia, Trixie & friends save it?


My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, isn’t this a lovely review?

I have just finished ‘The Curious Curiosity’.
What a great romp! I’m so glad I have met Celia Ladygarden, I love her courage, tenacity and wit.

The other characters are so vividly crafted that I feel I have personally met them all at one time or another in my life.

A clever touch with the chapter titles, it gives the story the art-deco feel of classic detective stories.

I’m looking forward to the next book ‘CELIA FINDS AN ANGEL.

Yours Happily


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