HAVE A CUP OF CHA! – It’s National Tea Day

My dear ladies and occasional gentleman here in dear old BLIGHTY it is NATIONAL TEA DAY, so I invite you all to SHARE A CUP OF TEA with me.

TEA is consolation when you are grieving.

TEA is sharing laughter and fun with your friends.

TEA makes you feel better when nothing else works.

TEA is refreshing when it’s hot.

TEA is warming when it’s cold.

TEA comes in many guises.

TEA should be FAIR TRADE.

TEA who doesn’t love a cuppa?

This is a picture of my lovely mum and her lovely sister taking tea in the garden in the 1950’s

Just a normal tea for them but look at the teapot, hot water jug, bone-china teacups and saucers, plates of triangled bread and butter,  jam in a dish, sliced homemade cake and a proper tablecloth pegged to the table.

So much better than a teabag in a mug.














Yours Tea-ily,


7 thoughts on “HAVE A CUP OF CHA! – It’s National Tea Day

    • Good for you, I’m afraid I probably drink more tea than is good for me but I do enjoy it.
      How is life treating you my dear? Good I hope, we have to try and enjoy every day don’t we when there is such angst in the world. C

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      • With a little tea and a lot of coffee we get by. Actually, don’t fall off your chair, but lately I have been drinking Horlicks (for the first time in my life.)


      • Ha, ha, I’ll keep your secret, I do love a horlicks in the Winter.
        I have just visited your site and see there is a lot to catch up with. There has been quite a lot going on in the family and I am busy trying to finish my next book, so I apologise for not reading and commenting.
        First of all I am sad for you that your dear father has passed away, it is so profound losing a parent but what lovely memories you have. That is a great picture of the two of you, I expect your mother is coping very well with such a devastating loss after so many years. That generation can teach us so much about acceptance, stoicism and sheer courage.
        I lost my mother in 2013 and still miss her every day but as my grandson says ” she will always be with us in our hearts granny.” There are all those little ism’s as well that are past on in the family.
        Happy birthday to dear Jack, where would we be without our furbabies? They are a constant source of comfort, love and fun.
        Your Friend, Celia

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      • Thank you, dear Celia. A lot has been going on and is still going on. But it’s all good with Jack if my situation means he gets extra cuddles and pats. 🙂 I am super impressed that you are writing another book. I am still struggling to finish writing the thank you letters for Dad’s funeral; not many left to do but I have run out of puff, temporarily.


      • I totally, understand and I admire you for taking on such a task.
        I’m afraid I chickened out and wrote a thank you in our parish newsletter and on the village website.
        In my defence there were cards from people I had never met. One dear lady wrote that she used to sit with my mum occasionaly on the bus and that mum had been very kind to her and that she would miss her cheerful smile. That to me was a very special card and summed my mum up.
        Life certainly throws some stuff at us and I am sorry you are having a difficult time.
        I am always here with a friendly ear if needed.
        Sending hugs, Celia x

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