Have you ever paid £60 for a pair of ODD SHOES  my dear ladies and occasional gentleman? Ronald has!

We were spending a DELIGHTFUL weekend away in OXFORD when we discovered a SKECHERS shop in WESTGATE. Great, Ronald’s last PAIR are almost hanging off his feet.

We bought FOUR pairs.

A PAIR for me, a PAIR for our little granddaughter and TWO PAIRS for Ronald.


Home in NORTH DEVON Ronald DISCOVERED one of his ‘PAIRS’ of shoes was a SIZE 7 1/2 and one a size 8 1/2.

I phoned the SHOP, they PROMISED the MANAGER would ring me back. HE DIDN’T. I had to RING again.

Unfortunately THE PRIORITY for the SKECHERS shop was to get THEIR shoe back, MY PRIORITY as I pointed out to the young lady on the phone, was  getting  RONALD’S SHOE.

She suggested I take the shoe into their EXETER shop a round trip of eighty miles. I pointed out that apart from the time, petrol and parking Ronald would still only have ONE SHOE. 

The next suggestion was for me to POST THE SHOE  with my RECEIPT and when it arrived they would post RONALD’S SHOE.

After TWO telephone calls to the shop, TWO to head office,  FINALLY the shop manager did eventually call me.

A WEEK later Ronald still has ODD SHOES.

WARNING! When you buy SKECHERS check the sizes before you leave the shop.

The ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM is wonderful, do visit if you are in OXFORD. 

Yours Cobberly


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